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Released: 2022-09-23T13:51:55

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The Apex Legends Halloween event is finally on the horizon, and leakers have already spotted a bunch of spooky cosmetics and the Olympus After Dark map.

Apex Legends Season 14 is well underway, and with the Beast of Prey update going live on September 20th, there’s plenty of new content for players to dig into.

That said, the initial excitement surrounding the Hunted and the Collection event is now over, players are already eyeing the next event, and with October fast approaching, everyone’s thoughts are on a holiday.

Respawn always throws a big event when it comes to Halloween, and with dataminers already releasing a bunch of spooky skins and the Olympus After Dark map, there’s plenty to get excited about.


Apex Legends Halloween Eventrespawn entertainment

Respawn always introduces a bunch of spooky new cosmetics for Halloween.

When is the Apex Legends Halloween event?

As of now, Respawn hasn’t officially announced when the Halloween event will begin in Apex Legends.

However, since the in-game celebrations kicked off with the Monsters event on October 12th last year, we can expect it to be sometime mid to late October.

Olympus After Dark map leaked

Published by AG420 and presented by Apex YouTuber HYPERMYST, Respawn appears to be releasing an Olympus After Dark map for Halloween.

While this won’t appear in the default rotation, leaks suggest it will arrive as a map for Control, which will return, likely centered around the Hammond Labs POI.

There is also a leak that the Gun Run LTM will return once more during the Halloween event, but this time it will be featured on Olympus After Dark.

Until this is confirmed by Respawn, however, everything should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apex Legends Halloween skins have been leaked

Back in August, three legendary Halloween skins were discovered in the files for Seer, Ash, and Revenant.

While there’s guaranteed to be more and a number of returning spooky skins from the past, this gave us a good indication of the theme that Respawn is aiming for.

  • Inner Demon Ashes
  • Bladewalker Seer
  • Unnamed revenant skin

If you want a closer look at each of the skins, be sure to check out HYPERMYST’s video below.

So that’s all we know about the upcoming Apex Legends Halloween event and the new content we can expect from the update.

With October finally on the horizon, we hope that Respawn will release the official announcement for the event in the near future.

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