BioWare has a near-unblemished track record of making excellent action RPGs, but the keyword there is “almost.” Every once in a while BioWare can deliver a game that doesn’t quite live up to the hype or the monumental expectations placed on it. 2019 anthem is perhaps the best example of this. Developed as a live service, constantly evolving multiplayer role-playing game, anthem was so promising, but the game was ultimately dead on arrival. However, that hasn’t stopped some die-hard fans from persevering and continuing to spend time with the game.


Launched February 2019, anthem was an almost instant failure. After an embarrassing beta with technical issues galore, anthemThe impending launch of seemed like a disaster just waiting to happen, and that turned out to be pretty true. Even though anthemIron Man-like mechsuit gameplay was innovative and fun, this looping gameplay soon became repetitive, with little enemy variety during bloated play. Raise some more technical issues and anthem‘s player base dropped faster than a man trying to fly in a suit that’s actually made of iron. But quite surprising anthemThe servers are still active and some players are not ready yet.

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Is Anthem 2022 still active?

Much to everyone’s surprise, anthem is actually still active in 2022. Not only have BioWare and EA kept the servers active, but according to some live stats websites anthem often has around 10-20,000 players per day. This can’t even come close to matching the numbers anthem experienced at launch, but it’s still impressive for a game that was abandoned by its community and developers.

Of course, BioWare and EA had much bigger plans anthem. Before launch, BioWare took every opportunity to remind fans anthem was a true BioWare RPG, only in a multiplayer environment, with live service features. As recently as 2019, the term “live service” was much more controversial than it is today. While Fourteen days showing the rest of the industry how to do it, there have been too many high-profile live service outages for the general gaming public to endorse this approach, especially when BioWare is loved most for its single-player narrative-driven adventure.

In an attempt to do it myself determination, BioWare angered its usual audience, but failed to win over newcomers as well. The main gimmick and selling point of anthem were his mech suits, but instead of focusing on that in pre-release material, BioWare often focused on the game’s story, which was full of convoluted sci-fi technobabble. This, of course, deters more casual gamers, and anthem lost both sides of its target audience before it even came out. anthem was supposed to last for years, but it ended up surviving only two, with EA and BioWare officially pulling the plug on the game back in February 2021.

While EA and BioWare have stopped updating the game, players can still check it out anthem, with its servers staying live. But before jumping in and adapting, potential players should be aware of this anthem still suffers from most of the same bugs that have been present since launch day. Players will still move through landscapes, be trapped in unskippable cinematics, listen to buggy, repetitive dialogue, and suffer a variety of different crashes. But if they’re willing to look past it, then anthem‘s quite entertaining but repetitive gameplay is waiting for you.

anthem is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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