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Announcement of the first half of the competing teams

The Minecraft Championship (MCC) is back with a bang as several famous content creators and streamers are set to take part in the fun tournament. Noxcrew, the hosts of the event, recently announced the first five teams that will take part in the tournament.

They also mentioned that the 28th tournament will be their last for Season 2 and the year. The MCC 29 starts the next season 2023 with many new maps and functions.

These are your first 5 teams for MCC 28, who will you support? 👑We’re plunging back for the remaining 5 teams first thing tomorrow! 🫡 https://t.co/nEwgtg5QRK

The Minecraft Championship is an event where 40 content creators and streamers play and compete against each other in various custom mini-games. All participants will be divided into 10 teams.

You will gradually earn points and advance in the tournament. The top two teams enter the final mini-game to determine the winner. The winning team gets to celebrate and also gets a special gold coin in real life. Since this is a casual tournament with no serious stakes or cash prizes, it’s pretty relaxed and fun to watch.

First five teams for Minecraft Championship (MCC) 28 announced

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Here are the top five teams announced by the event hosts on their official Twitter handle. They will also announce the remaining five teams shortly. These teams include famous content creators and streamers such as TommyInnit, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, etc., whose live streams will be followed by many fans throughout the tournament.

Red reindeer

  • yoyosoli
  • GeminiTay
  • GoodTimesWithScar
  • Ranboo

gingerbread men

  • violet
  • Smajor1995
  • ImpulseSV
  • bekyamon

Yellow yetis

  • HBomb94
  • Awesome guy
  • cubfan135
  • Wrong symmetry

mint mistletoe

  • target
  • Hannahxxrose
  • Shubble
  • sylvee

Emerald Elves

  • Illumina
  • TommyInnit
  • JackManifoldTV
  • Oh Nelly

When does Minecraft Championship 28 start?

A VERY important announcement!👑Coming back to the Decision Dome for Season 2 one last time on December 3rd at 20:00 GMT! 🎉youtube.com/watch?v=LzaKsO…

A few days before the first five teams were announced, the hosts tweeted when the 28th tournament will start, along with a video explaining the end of the second season. Minecraft Championship 28 takes place on December 3rd at 20:00 GMT.

Fans watching the show from other parts of the world can simply take the time zone mentioned and calculate the time for their own time zone. That way everyone knows exactly when to tune in for the tournament.

How do you see the tournament?

Nihachu's perspective during one of the championships from her stream (Image via Twitch/Nihachu)
Nihachu’s perspective during one of the championships from her stream (Image via Twitch/Nihachu)

This particular gaming event is very different when it comes to streaming around the world. The promoters have no part in streaming the entire show. Instead, most content creators and streamers go live during the championship and stream their own POV.

This is brilliant for fans as they can switch streams and see what’s going on on each team. You can even switch between team members and view the game from different perspectives. It essentially feels like a spectator mode in a game where fans can see everyone.

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