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Annabell Rodriguez’s family speaks out almost 3 months after Uvalde was shot

Uvalde – Almost three months later, KSAT 12 continues to honor the victims killed at Robb Elementary School.

Annabell Rodriguez’s family welcomed us into their home to talk about the girl they said had the biggest heart.

“She’s always done a lot of TikToks with her sisters. She loved dancing. Yes, she loved dancing,” said Annabell’s mother, Monica Gallegos.

Annabell’s face lines her living room and smiles all around her, forever frozen at the age of 10.

“Annabell’s favorite color was baby blue. She loved looking at the sky,” Monica said.

Annabell’s twin sister Angeli is quiet but when she spoke about her sister she put a smile on her face.

“She was always like that…she was nice,” Angeli said.

Monica’s brother Jerry loved being the girls’ uncle. They loved going to his ranch and playing with the animals there.


“She was really into animals. She wanted to be a vet,” said Jerry Gallegos.

It still makes Monica smile when she thinks about the day she found out she was pregnant with twins.

“Her father named baby A, that was Annabell. And then I called Angeli,” said Monica.

Annabell’s middle name is also something special.

“Well Annabell, um, ever since she was baby A I wanted her middle name to come after my dad’s parents. They were both Guadalupe. I would name my grandma Lupe and my grandpa would name her Guale Guale,” Monica said.

Annabell used to help Angeli with her homework. They played Roblox together and Annabell always had her back.

Monica said that Angeli dreamed of her twin and saw them in her room in the evening.

“It was Bell who came in and said to me, ‘Angeli, wake up. I’m here, I’m home already,’” Monica said. “I ask her like, ‘Well, how are you feeling?’ And she just likes it, she’s empty too, you know?”

Annabell’s older sister Anastasha didn’t want to show her face but said she was angry at how Annabell and her cousin Jackie Cazares were killed.


“Because they didn’t do anything that day,” Anastasha said through tears.

Lidia Sanchez, Annabell’s stepsister, agrees. She knows when her two sons grow up they will only know their Aunt Bell Bell from stories.

“When he gets older I will tell him how much she was looking forward to him and is so happy and when she gets the news that she has broken down I will tell my children all about her,” Lidia said.

Annabell is buried next to Xavier Lopez.

The two had been inseparable since they were little and were so looking forward to being in each other’s class this year.

Just a few days into the start of the school year, Annabell was so excited because Xavier asked her to be his girlfriend. They texted each other every night and said, “I love you.”

“They had their summer planned that they wanted to go to the river, and they wanted, um, their, his dad Abel would always do the BBQ and Annabell would always be like, ‘Oh my god, my father-in-law is the best cook,'” Monica said.


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