Anime Weapon Simulator Codes (January 2023)

Check out the new codes for Anime Weapon Simulator, a classic Roblox simulator game about unlocking new powerful anime weapons. Redeem for Boosts!

We added brand new codes on January 28, 2023 next to Update 1! Check them out below.

Welcome to Anime Gun Simulator! We have the latest codes for this new one Roblox Simulator game is all about collecting powerful anime weapons and heroes. Click, level up, earn new weapons, then click some more! You’ll recognize some of your favorite characters from your favorite shows, as well as their legendary weapons.

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We’re looking for new ones Anime Weapon Simulator Codes regularly, usually every day. This means that you will always find the latest bonuses here.

Anime Weapon Simulator Codes





Free Coin Boost for 15 minutes



Free Lucky Potion/Boost for 15 minutes


Roblox codes can only be redeemed once and are case sensitive. This means you must enter the code exactly as it appears in the table, making sure to copy the numbers, capital letters and punctuation marks.


How to redeem codes in Anime Weapon Simulator

Where To Redeem Codes Anime Weapon Simulator

  • click on the Settings button. (or gear) in the menu as shown in the image above
  • Enter the code in the code field that appears
  • Enjoy this reward!

If you get a “Code not recognized” or “Invalid code” messageeither because the code has expired or the code became entered incorrectly. Double check this code and if that still doesn’t work, check back soon to see if any new codes have been released.

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What are anime gun simulator codes?

Anime Weapon Simulator Luck Boost

Anime Weapon Simulator codes are free rewards provided by the development team behind the game, BestBunny. New codes are released along with major events, updates, or similar milestones. New codes are often redeemed for various in-game boosts, be it better throwing luck for weapons and heroes or boosts that give you extra energy/coins for a short time.

How to get more codes

Anime Weapon Simulator Hub

There are only two ways to find codes for this game – check the Discord community where the codes are often buried in other announcements, or just visit our page. We check every day, which means you don’t have to worry about anything!

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