American crypto investors desperately need Congress to endorse Crypto by CoinEdition

  • The digital asset investor retweeted Ryan Selkis’ post reiterating the need for Congress to support crypto.
  • Selkis tweeted that there are many Americans who wanted Congress to guarantee that seizing crypto is illegal.
  • In his previous tweet, Selkis said that Congress should oppose any initiatives against crypto ownership and development.

The Digital Asset Investor, a popular Twitter account ostensibly for entertainment, retweeted the post by Ryan Selkis, the founder and CEO of market research platform Messari, in which the latter posited the need for the US to “ban or restrict” crypto. would need confiscation. The digital asset investor claimed that if a “tyrannical government” decided to confiscate crypto, they would find ways to either separate investors from it or make the asset “not worth it.”

In particular, the digital asset investor tweeted on March 19th that the “endgame question” always concerns the possibility of either keeping the assets or even being rewarded:

Interestingly, Messari’s CEO indicated that Congress should firmly oppose all initiatives against crypto ownership, adding that any “efforts to unfairly target or impede the development, accessibility and security of digital assets.” ‘ should be controlled by Congress.

While the digital asset investor retweeted Selkis’ content, the US crypto aspirants actively responded, actively demonstrating Congress’s commitment to supporting the crypto industry. There were many tweeters commenting that if the US is anti-crypto, it would be better to find other nations.

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