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Amazon Prime Video Top 10 Shows and Movies: What’s new and hot today, August 10th

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum The displaced metropolis

Two new films surfaced on Amazon Prime Video yesterday, but only one of them made Prime Video’s top 10 films and exhibitions list: 2022 Action-Comedy-Romance Movies. The displaced metropolis. It stars Sandra Bullock as a romance novelist and Channing Tatum as a quilt mannequin for her books and follows them on their journey to an island. Hollywood all the way in that. Prime Video’s other new movie: Sonic the Hedgehog 2surprisingly not on the record, especially considering that these are as prevalent as children’s films Sound-, is often an opportunity for these lists. I suppose it’s easier to let the kids browse Netflix than threatening to buy 20 Lego boxes from Amazon and a $300 Roblox gift card in your Prime account.

Below we’re picking up the Prime 10 exhibits and movies on Amazon Prime Video and letting you know which ones are good. We’ll even list what’s coming after Amazon Prime Video in the near future, so you can quickly see what’s on the Prime 10 record.

New releases from Amazon Prime Video are coming fast:

  • A league of its own season 1 – TV adaptation of Penny Marshall’s 1992 film about an all-female baseball crew, starring Abbi Jacobson, D’Arcy Carden and Chanté Adams (August 12, TV Information Assessment)
  • cosmic love season 1 – Current affairs relationship collection matching sexy singles in response to their astrological indicators… Right? (12. August)

Yesterday’s record of Amazon Prime 10 exhibits and films

Prime 10 TV Shows and Movies on Amazon Prime Video

The summer I am beautiful

The summer time I’m beautiful

Peter Taylor / First video

one. terminal recording

For followers: Chris Pratt, Navy Thriller, Tough Boys
It is good?: A stable shoot ’em up adaptation of Jack Carr’s Guide.
Trailer | Rating from yesterday: 1

2. male

For followers: Superheroes, giant jerks, management
It is good?: The most effective and undoubtedly the very best satirical superhero collection on television
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 2

3. 13 lives

For followers: Heroes Ron Howard fashion, cave diving
It is good?: A stable drama related to the 2018 cave rescue in Thailand
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 3

4. The summer time I’m beautiful

For followers: Teen romance, seaside vacations, love triangles, Abercrombie vibes
It is good?: Provides the products for a page-turning YA drama
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 5

5. paper ladies

For followers: foreign topicsTime travel stories that will give you a headache
It is good?: Positive, there’s room for improvement, but the sci-fi drama about teenage women does good character work
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 4

Addition at Amazon:

Jessica Gunning and Stephen Merchant, The Outlaws

Jessica Gunning and Stephen Dienstleister bandits


6. bandits

For followers: Mismatched Groups, Christopher Walken
It is good?: Sure, a humorous British drama WorkplaceStefan service provider
Trailer | Yesterday’s rating: 6

7. The displaced metropolis

For followers: sweaty A-listers, Romanize with stone
It is good?: Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum make an entertaining pair of inexperienced adventurers in this crowd-pleasing hybrid of genres
Trailer | Rating from yesterday: n/a

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