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While the exterior of the Alpine A290_β showcar heralds the production car, the interior design is much more conceptual, focusing on innovative architecture that puts the driver at the heart of the game. The exclusive driver’s seat is enhanced by two illuminated axes, magenta and blue. The close relationship between the car’s interior and exterior is emphasized by the windshield, which extends well over the bonnet and emphasizes the central driver’s seat. It also offers a unique view of the arrow-shaped dashboard inspired by the Formula 1 nose. The latter runs across the entire width of the cockpit and continues outwards with the rear-view mirrors. It then extends along the horizontal vehicle axis at the lower edge of the bonnet, but also at the rear, where the fender merges into the back of the chassis. All driving functions are aligned along this axis. This underscores the harmonious fusion of interior and exterior space and emphasizes the importance of the central drive in the overall design of the A290_β. The interior is inspired by race cars, with a sporty, minimalist cockpit focused on performance and efficiency. The steering wheel with lots of racing features is a good example, as are the sports seats and seat belts.


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