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All Vampire Coast units in Total War: Warhammer 3 ranked list.

Avast me hearts, the seas of Total War: Warhammer 3 just got bigger with the release of the new Immortal Empires campaign. So what better time to load up a decaying galleon of undead bilge rats and set off for gold, fame, and a chance to build your own vampire pirate empire?

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The Vampire Coast DLC faction came with Total War: Warhammer 2 and while their list is a little small, it’s packed with all sorts of great Buccaneer units and Lords to play around with. To help you assemble the best possible seafaring undead horde for your campaigns or multiplayer matches, here are all of their units, ranked from S-Tier (best) to C-Tier (worst), to help you to help select the right team for your nautical needs.


S level

Necrofex Colossus: Two words sum up the Necrofex Colossus, the pirate mecha. This triple-barreled cannon giant has long range, invokes fear, can take down large monsters, and walk right through infantry lines with ease. Count Noctillus lets you mass-produce them for free once you drop their recruitment cost, and the Gallows Giant variant trades cannonballs for a giant flamethrower that melts armor and men alike.

Queen Bess: Big Bess doesn’t bear the title Queen for nothing and is the mother of all guns. This gigantic artillery piece may be slow to move, but its range is unmatched and its flaming missiles can turn entire blocks of infantry into molten metal and body parts in seconds. One of the best weapons for long-range sieges or fights with lots of crammed infantry, Queen Bess is a must-have for the Vampire Coast, whatever your lord’s choice.

Death Scream Terrorghere: Their name is a mouthful, but don’t let that fool you as they are one of the best endgame units. Absolute tanks with over 7000 health and 60 percent armor protection, these necrotic giant bat-dragons hit for 135 base damage and 325 armor penetration, making them absolute monster smelters. Combined with their regeneration, terror and fear stats, as well as their ranged Death Scream ability, the Terrorgheist is a massive undead menace on any battlefield. Extremely expensive, just one of these in a fight is enough to make a difference.

A level

Rotting Leviathan: A gigantic, splashing crab will never get you wrong, and the Rotting Leviathan of the Vampire Coast is a game-changing menace that can storm through fortress doors as if they were made of paper and turn entire regiments of men to paste. Though they can cost up to 2,000 gold, their seven thousand health values ​​and high 42 melee defense and 95 percent armor make them an expensive, if sturdy, choice. They are also immune to Psychology, inflicting Fear and Loathing in return, negating enemy attack bonuses, and are good at melee combat against single or multiple targets. They’re a great damage sponge that works well as a distraction, but they melt against anything with high armor penetration, so they’re not entirely invincible.

Depth Protection: While the bulk of the Vampire Coast roster is made up of monsters, there are some regular (by Warhammer standards) troops. Coming with both a sword and polearm variant, the Depthgaurd is a fast-moving infantry that fights well in water and shreds through infantry. They’re a great endgame unit that work well as shock troopers and attacking flanks, but when bogged down they can be picked off fairly quickly.

Mourners: Mournguls are long-armed, jawless ghouls and shrieking horrors that are well hidden thanks to their stalking ability. They are also the perfect ambush troops thanks to their anti-infantry specialization. You also have a massive hero variant that you can recruit that can absolutely pound through infantry and bodyslam most larger monsters.

Zombie Pirate Deckhands: Despite being only zombies, they are incredibly useful in combination with artillery as they can absorb enemy hits and hold them in place while the shells land. Their expendable status and the fact that you can summon them fairly cheaply means they’re always a reliable backup. There’s also a Polearm variant to cover your Anti-Large needs, and while they have a weakness in firing, their numbers more than make up for their lack of damage.

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B class

Gunnery Mob: Their pistol variant has a shorter range and less damage but a higher rate of fire, while the rifle version can pierce armor at range and take out anyone who flies overhead, but they’re a bit slower at firing rounds. Their Bomber version adds some fun explosive options to your melee combat, but their range is very short and their speed is slow, making them very vulnerable if they can’t rotate in time. Finally, their Deck Gunners and Hand Cannon versions are must-haves for the late game, as they offer a significant damage and range boost over their less heavily armed Tier 1 brethren.

carronades: What pirate faction would be complete without a good cannon set, and the Vampire Coast has some pretty powerful powder guns on their side. Covered in barnacles, these artillery pieces have long range and can crush turrets in sieges with a few shots. They’re extremely vulnerable and don’t have much maneuverability, so find a spot, preferably with a lot of line of sight, and leave them there.

Mortar: Much like the Empires Mortars, the Vampire Coast Buckets are just as effective at blowing up humans, beasts, and creatures of chaos alike. Their range is long, and with buffs to their ammo and damage, they can obliterate entire formations before they get close, or wear down any escape units to prevent them from rallying. Back them up with a Gunnery Wight for damage and accuracy buffs, as well as the ability to reload them when they run out of ammo, and you’ve got a solid line of artillery.

Rotting Prometheans: Unfortunately, the Vampire Coast doesn’t have many cavalry options. Although they have summonses and the newly skinned Breton troops, these are exclusive to the DLC’s The Drowned faction. For the other Pirate Lords, the Rotting Prometheans are their only truly seedy option. These big crabs are the Rotting Leviathan’s smaller cousins, but they still get the job done. These fast crustaceans can deal a lot of damage, and in a flanking attack they can tear through enemy lines and quickly put them to flight thanks to their fear effect. Also, their Gunnery Mob variant can drop infantry health bars within range before attacking and mopping up the remains.

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C level

Animated Hulks: Rotting behemoths that were once the remains of ogres in life now wreak untold havoc on the living in death. A solid early-game shock troop, the Animated Hulks have decent Armor Piercing Damage (77) and their large mass makes them good for pinning down units like riot police. However, their melee defense is low, and their size and slow speed make them extremely vulnerable to ranged damage. They’re a bit of a niche, but if used properly, they can make a significant dent in the early to mid-game.

Bloated Corpse: A decomposing, bloated corpse a hair’s breadth from unleashing a foul explosion of limbs and toxin-laced blood, Bloated Corpses are walking bombs of doom. They are perfect for ambushes and shooting out of forests before an enemy army can react. But without cover, they’re far too easy to detonate from a distance, which can be incredibly dangerous when you have friendly troops nearby. So only bring them if you have no other choice or if there is a lot of enemy infantry that you could herd into a lump before they explode with a bloated corpse.

Deck droppers: Vampire bats with muskets or firebomb-wielding zombies may sound unbeatable, but they’re utterly useless. They often flee or are shot out of the sky before they can do any real damage. Switching them to melee so they can tie up enemy artillery is their only really good use, but you could also use Fell Bats for this, and they’re cheaper than Deck Droppers.

Syrenas: A placement that could lead to some fighting in certain circles, the Syreens are a bit hit and miss. Although they deflect non-magic based attacks as they are classed as Ethereal, these screaming phantoms are only good when used in flanking maneuvers thanks to their speed. They can bring down a row quickly, but considering most factions can handle magic attacks of some form, especially early on, they’re often not worth their 850 gold price tag. Also, their health is only 75, so they’re extremely squishy.

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