All Roblox Sling Codes (May 2023)


Make crate-breaking easier with these Roblox Sling codes.

If you’ve played Sling on the weirder side of Roblox, you understand the struggles of breaking those blocks. A lot of them have ridiculous health, but we’re here to make the fight a little easier. What’s better than some free stuff? take this one Roblox Sling Codes and collect some cute freebies!

All Working Roblox Sling Codes (May 2023)

The following codes are still available and will be free to use from May 2023:

  • YAYSERIALS: Using this code grants 2x luck for 10 minutes
  • TO THE MOON: Using this code grants 2x luck for 10 minutes
  • CASH PLACE: Redeem this code for 2x coins for 10 minutes
  • YAYTRADING: Redeem this code for 2x luck for 10 minutes
  • Using this code grants 2x luck for 10 minutes
  • As a Roblox Premium Subscriber, you get +10% Coins Boost
  • Join’s Roblox group to get +10% Coins Boost
  • Each friend in your game grants a 5% coin boost

The best strategy would be to join’s group, have a few friends join, and then use the codes in Sling. This brings you the greatest benefit.

All expired Roblox codes in Sling

As of May 2023, these Roblox codes will no longer be used:

  • Turns out there are no expired codes yet!

Although no codes have expired yet, you should use all active codes as soon as possible.

How to Redeem Roblox Codes in Sling

As with many games in the past – Shindo Life, for example – Sling makes it easy to redeem free codes. Here’s what you do:

  1. Launch Sling in Roblox.
  2. Open the Codes menu on the left. It’s the bird symbol.
  3. Enter or copy and paste a code, and then select Submit. Incidentally, codes are not case-sensitive.

With your cell phone Roblox Sling Codes redeemed, you should now have an easier time breaking these crates. If there are other Roblox games that you enjoy playing, there’s a good chance they have codes. You can find them by checking out the links below or using the search bar!


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