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All NPC spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

A new season means that new and returning NPCs will spawn on the island. Here are all 22 NPC spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

All NPC spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Published on 09/19/2022

After the Fortnite map was turned into a giant party last season, the island was covered in a mysterious metal-like substance that chromed everything in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise.

As players begin to uncover the mysteries behind Chrome’s presence, there’s plenty of content to be had Chapter 3 Season 4, including new and returning NPCs. Finding them, however, is a challenge. So here is a list of all NPCs and their spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – All NPC Spawn Locations

In the new season of Fortnite, players will fight or embrace Chrome and take to the skies the battle against The Herald and their forces.

The island’s NPCs play a crucial role, as players can purchase weapons and items from the NPCs, and receive quests to complete in exchange for XP, gold bars, and more.

fortnite chapter 3 season 4 paradise update npc spawn locations island map
There are 22 known NPCs that can be found anywhere on the Fortnite Island map. (Image: Twitter / iFireMonkey)

However, they can be difficult to locate, especially if the NPC is not found at their spawn location. At the time of writing, there are 22 NPC characters for the new season that players can find in various locations on the island of Fornite listed below:

  • #1 Bao Bros.: Can be found in a vault at the Ridgeline Ranger Station west of Coney Crossroads.
  • #2 Beach Bomber: Today she is a successful business woman and can be found at the Coney Crossroads POI in an ice cream shop.
  • #3 Blackheart: This determined pirate is now in the Lustrous Lagoon (formerly The Daily Bugle POI), but it takes a glider to reach his sky-soaring ship.
  • #4 Bunker Jonesy: Poor Jonesy! This NPC bunkers in Fort Jonesy (formerly The Joneses POI) near a caravan; However, he has been known to not spawn every turn.
  • #5 Shipwrecked Jonesy: Don’t be alarmed as he is not completely lost, but he can also be found in Fort Jonesy, southeast of Bunker Jonesy’s location, below the bunker.
  • #6 Cryptic: Still as mysterious, players can discover this NPC at the Rave Cave POI in the Flairship airship.
  • #7 Eve: With one eye on this criminal, she appears in a building at Syndicate Shoals east of Lustrous Lagoon.
  • #8 Fish Fingers: The beloved fishy companion is back and can be spotted at the restaurant on the edge of Sleepy Sound.
  • #9 Guaco: This NPC still assists customers from the kitchen of the taco shop in Greasy Grove.
  • #10 Jonesy the First: Still stoic as ever, Jonesy can be found north of Bunker Jonesy’s location in Fort Jonesy, just below the bunker.
  • #11 Kit: This adorable feline NPC is busy building tech at the Scratch Pad POI, on the edge of Reality Falls POI, west of Reality Tree.
  • #12 Kyle: The Fortnite based Lumberjack is busy investigating the appearance of the Chrome from the Chop Shop just north of the Logjam Junction POI.
  • #13 Man Cake: This NPC moves away from the Butter Barn and is spotted in the cinema in Rocky Reels near the Reboot Van.
  • #14 Maximilian: This pilot NPC can be found with the Floaty Boaties south of Shifty Shafts.
  • #15 Meowscles: He can be found near Kit at the Scratch Pad POI and is still flexing his muscles.
  • #16 Panthers: The IO Agent will appear in the gas station northwest of the Shimmering Shrine POI.
  • #17 Relaxed Fit Jonesy: This Jonesy version can be spotted chilling out at the Fort Jonesy POI in the bunker near some gym equipment.
  • #18 Rusters: They can be found on a path outside of Shifty Shafts.
  • #19 Sabine: Still up to no good; She spawns at Shell or High Water, northwest of Sleepy Sound.
  • #20 Stows: It can be found hidden in the garage at Chonker’s Speedway.
  • #21 Sunbird: Still gazing at the stars, she can be found in the temple northeast of the Lustrous Lagoon POI.
  • #22 The Underwriter: He still sells insurance from the No Sweat Insurance building in Tilted Towers.

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