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Added piglet head, playable mob sounds and more

The latest Minecraft beta and preview is now available. Mojang finally released an update for the Bedrock Edition on Thanksgiving Day after sending out snapshots for the Java Edition for some time.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Jay Wells, a Minecraft community manager. Version is now available. Although technically a 1.20 update fork, Mojang has labeled it as 1.19 to change how updates are distributed in the future.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update, including the changes implemented.

Minecraft Beta and Preview: Everything you need to know

A big change recently announced in the new update is that Minecraft players can use mob heads to play music. Placing mob heads on a notepad now does something, according to the official release for the beta:

“When a mob head is placed on a notepad, that notepad will now play one of that mob’s ambient sounds when played by a player or powered by Redstone!”

They also add piglins to the list of mobs that have mob heads, join creepers, the ender dragon, zombies, skeletons, and more.

They are collected the same way: after being killed by a charged Creeper.

In addition, Bamboo Woods, one of the most anticipated additions announced for Minecraft 1.20, has received several changes in Bedrock Edition:

  • Added Bamboo Block. It is made of nine bamboo.
  • This will add a stripped bamboo block, which is obtained like any other log by using an ax on a bamboo block.
  • This also introduces Bamboo Planks.
  • Hanging signs are another additional feature coming soon, and they can now be crafted from bamboo as well as other types of wood.
  • Updated Bamboo Planks texture to look more like other planks.
  • The bamboo fence now displays the correct color on the map

Hanging signs are also new, as already mentioned. The textures for all variants are now correct and all glitches have been removed.

There are also sculpted bookshelves, which have already proved extremely popular. You can hold up to six different types of books. This includes books with feathers, enchanted books, and other items.

Camels are a new mob that Minecraft players are looking forward to, and they’re now available in Bedrock as a result of the beta. They have been updated to match the Java Edition camels and glitches have been removed.

Camels in Minecraft (Image via ECKOSOLDIER on YouTube)
Camels in Minecraft (Image via ECKOSOLDIER on YouTube)

Camels are a difficult mob to control because they can sit and stand and are bigger than any other rideable mob, but Mojang fixed their problems.

Several other fixes were also released, including one that prevented entities from being pushed out through redstone-enabled doors.

A critical Android bug that caused the device to go to sleep when loading a world has also been fixed.

For more information and the full list of changes, visit the official Mojang website.

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