Adam Demos is Netflix’s new Resident Hot Guy

a perfect pairing, A new Netflix romance, which began streaming today, offers viewers a light-hearted fantasy that hinges on one important factor: Adam Demos is hot. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that’s worked for Netflix before, after all. demos is in addition the hot fantasy in the streamer’s drama series, sexuality/lifewho finds a suburban mom being stalked by her smoking ex-boyfriend, and Falling inn lovein which Christina Milian repairs an inn in New Zealand with the help of a sexy firefighter. Now that Demos sweeps Victoria Justice off her feet as a sturdy cowboy A perfect pairingit feels like the Aussie actor has settled comfortably into his role as Netflix’s resident “hot guy”.

Demos, who is 36, wasn’t always in the acting world. He worked odd jobs in construction – in demolition, at a roofing company and at the Port Kembla Steelworks – before taking his first acting course in Sydney without telling his friends, he said in an interview with the Australian magazine Now for love. After small roles in Australia, he finally broke into Hollywood when he landed a lead role in Marti Noxon’s critically acclaimed Lifetime/Hulu meta-drama. Unreal. But he really found his step as Jake Taylor in Netlfix’s falling inn love, an adorable grumpy, down-to-earth property developer who is reluctantly bewitched by the high-maintenance Christina Milian after blowing up her life, moving to New Zealand and inheriting a bed and breakfast.

It’s a remarkably similar premise as A perfect pairing, in which Justice plays Lola, a high-profile wine executive who quits her job to start her own wine distribution business. To land a client, she flies to Australia to meet up with a winemaker and ends up working on a sheep farm to prove her worth (just join in). There she meets Max, the burly station manager who isn’t afraid to get dirty in the mud but somehow never ruins his perfectly styled golden locks. It’s the perfect fantasy for a certain breed of adult professional: tell your abusive boss, quit your job, start your own company, move to Australia and meet an adorable handsome guy who falls in love with you. Across all three of his Netflix projects, Demos is the physical embodiment of that daydream of escaping your life.

Christina Milian and Adam Demos in Falling Inn Love
Photo: Netflix

Demos isn’t the first hot guy on Netflix, but he feels like the first of its kind brand by hot guy. The other obvious example is Noah Centineo, who made millions fall in love with him when the charming, kind, and, yes, hot, popular Peter Kavinsky in To all the boys I’ve loved before. Netflix quickly snapped up Centineo for a handful of far less charming Peter Kavinsky impersonations in Netflix Originals like Sierra Burgess is a loser and the perfect date, stolenand of course the To all boys sequels.

But Centineo, who is 26, is a teenage fantasy; a “What if the most popular kid in high school fell for it? me?” thought experiment. Demos — with his broad shoulders, heaving abs, and unkempt beard — is for grown-ups. Both Falling inn love and A perfect pairing show scenes in which Demos removes his shirt while doing manual labor in the hot sun because he is a man with a honest work who looks damn good doing it. This isn’t your busy husband — the man you’ve settled for who looks bored when you talk about your day — this is a man who will support your dreams while keeping his eight-pack. This is an adult fantasy.

Demos hasn’t announced any other upcoming movies coming to Netflix, but I have a feeling it won’t be long before we’re watching another American escape to an English-speaking country to fall in love with him. Why mess with what works?

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