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Activities of Stanford Departments in June – The Interior Journal

Abigail Roberts


STANFORD — The Stanford Emergency Services and other departments reported their monthly activities to the Stanford City Council during its July 14 monthly meeting.

In June, the Stanford Fire Department responded to a total of 39 incidents, according to the Monthly Report.

From June 1st to June 30th, SFD reported the following incidents:

• Building fire – 1

• medical assistance, support of rescue workers – 7

• medical emergency service, other – 12

• Motor vehicle accident with injuries – 1

• lock up – 1

• Find person in water – 1

• Gas leak (natural gas or LPG) – 1

• Smoke or odor elimination – 1

• Assistance to the police or other government agency – 2

• public service – 1

• unauthorized burning – 2

• abandoned and canceled en route – 2

• authorized controlled combustion – 1

• Malicious, mischievous false calls or other – 1

• municipal alarm system, malicious false alarm – 1

• Alarm system sounded due to malfunction – 1

• Activation of the CO detector due to a malfunction – 1

• Activation of the alarm system, no fire, accidental – 1

• special type of incident, other – 1

The Stanford Police Department also presented a monthly report to council members on July 14.

From June 1 to June 30, the SPD had a total of 574 contacts via the emergency number 911. During this time, the police issued 184 summonses and 65 warnings. A total of 23 arrests were made.

The department reported a total of 40 incidents/cases and responded to 13 accidents in June.

Det. Ryan Kirkpatrick, Sgt. Preston Middleton and Officer Chase Marcum completed six hours of mandatory online training and the department Completed a total of two hours of department appeal training.

Stanford’s Code Enforcement Officer Jeff Knouse also provided council members with a monthly report.

In June, Code Enforcement reported eight violations and issued two subpoenas and 13 verbal warnings.

Two reductions were reported.

The Code Enforcement Board held two meetings in June.

Code Enforcement issued two building permits, a swimming pool permit and a porch/deck permit.

In June there was a platform review and 27 business licenses were issued or renewed.

According to the Monthly Report, the Stanford City Water Company has received a $1 million community development block grant for an upcoming wastewater project that will be bid for next year. According to the department’s monthly report to City Council members, the project will cost around $2.1 million.

The department is in the process of securing funding for various projects to further improve the water and sanitation system.

The water level in Rice Lake had dropped 4 feet and Harris Lake by 4.5 feet on July 14.

The US 27 relocation project has begun and is approximately 85 percent complete.

The department is also in the process of exchanging old meters for new radio readout meters

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