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Acer Nitro XZ2 Monitor Review – An ultrawide experience you won’t want to miss

The Acer Nitro XZ2 Gaming Monitor, more specifically the XZ342CU P version, is one of Acer’s newer entries in the Nitro XZ2 series as it offers users an ultra-wide immersive experience and here is our review on it.

Product Specifications

screen size


Maximum resolution

(UW-QHD) 3440x [email protected] H

aspect ratio


contrast ratio


reaction time

1ms VRB

color supported

16.7 million

Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM)






viewing angle

178° horizontal, 178° vertical

panel type

VA (vertical orientation)

was standing

Height adjustable (130mm)

connectors and connections

HDMI (2.0), 1x DisplayPort (1.4) headphones


500 mW (standby), 300 mW (off), 65 W (max power), 39 W (on)

VESA compatible

(Yes) 100 x 100mm

Dimensions (WxHxD)

806mm x 362mm x 124mm, 806mm x 592mm x 269mm (with stand)

weight (approx)



The Acer Nitro XZ2 is a big monitor for your gaming sessions with a 1500R curved screen and cinematic 16:9 aspect ratio. A nice feature that the Acer Nitro XZ2 has is its ZeroFrame and narrow bezel design which really helps to see everything on the screen as I usually play games from a longer distance.

As I delved deeper into the design, my first impression was that it looked pretty much the same as any other curved monitor. But when I took a 360° View the entire monitor. I was surprised as the back of the monitor had a completely different design than other monitors out there. More specifically, with its abstract look with red panels on both sides reaching the center of the monitor, which I personally like the slim design.

The monitor also has a few vents, an OSD button, an HDMI 2.0 port, a display port (1.4) and a headphone jack. That being said, there are a couple of ports on either side of the monitor where you would normally connect your speakers.

The Acer Nitro XZ2 has a 34-inch 3440 x 1440 resolution, making this Nitro XZ2 screen an Ultra Wide QHD monitor. But despite its larger size, the monitor’s weight isn’t as heavy as one might think at just 5.4 kg.

The monitor comes straight out of the box and does not come with the stand installed. So you have to take some time to install it yourself, although it is very easy to assemble and requires no tools, so you don’t have to worry about the front. The stand is bright red in color and really fits with the overall aesthetic of the Acer XZ2 and the build quality is very sturdy.

One of the nice features of the monitor is its ergonomic stand, which has a 360° swivel angle and an adjustment height of 130mm. Not only that, it can also be tilted from -5° up to 25°so you can adjust the monitor to your liking as it gives you the ergonomic flexibility that helps your posture, especially during long gaming sessions.

display performance

Acer XZ2 monitor review With a resolution of 3440 x 1440 (UW-QHD), a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, I had the smoothest experience when trying out the Acer Nitro XZ2 monitor with games like Valorant and Apex Legends. Also note that if you use an HDMI cable, you’ll get 3440 x 1440 resolution and 100Hz refresh rates, while DisplayPort supports up to 3440 x 1440 refresh rates and 144Hz pricing.

The Nitro XZ2 offers HDR 400 support and you can see the peak luminance of 400 nits in HDR mode, which I think gives off the perfect balance for my eyes. For the contrasts of the monitor, it has a contrast ratio of 4000:1, which means that a white image is 4000 times brighter than a black image.

With the help of Radeon FreeSync, I was able to enjoy the smooth and responsive graphics as the monitor’s refresh rate was synchronized with my computer’s frame rate. This is also one of the strengths of the Nitro XZ2, as it has gaming-ready refresh rates and response times while still being accurate enough to do color-sensitive work.

gaming performance

The games I’ve tried with the Acer Nitro XZ2 monitor are The Way of the Hunter, Cult of Lambs, Valorant, and Apex Legends. All were played on the highest setting available for the game.

Acer XZ2 monitor review The Way of the Hunter is mostly known for its beautiful scenery and landscapes depicting the great outdoors and to be honest everything felt very smooth playing through the game and the ultrawide monitor manages to capture the stunning visuals and I’m in Comparatively offering an even more immersive gameplay session until I exhausted the game initially.

Acer XZ2 monitor review Cult of the Lambs is a 2D game with such a unique and expressive graphic style that I couldn’t resist playing the game while using this monitor. When playing the game on ultra settings, I feel like the game’s vivid colors come out more with this monitor.

Acer XZ2 monitor review Since the Acer Nitro XZ2 is a gaming monitor, I tried both Apex Legends and Valorant because I wanted to see how well the monitor would fare against some more competitive shooter games and both games played very smoothly and responsively.


Within the OSD you can access different modes such as Action, Race, Sport, User, Standard, ECO, Graphics and HDR. You can also adjust the brightness of the screen from 0 to 100. Nitro XZ2 also has a fairly comprehensive game menu, which allows you to fine-tune the panel’s response to your exact needs.

Another nice thing is that you can also use the OSD to turn on refresh rate as well as ultra-low latency from the gaming menu, as this setting gives you a smooth experience while playing through the game. There are also some other settings that I personally recommend checking out:

  • HDR
  • super sharpness
  • Black Boost
  • Gamma/Color Temp
  • Color Space/Grayscale Mode


Acer XZ2 monitor review The Acer Nitro XZ2 Gaming Monitor is a really good choice if you’re planning on getting an ultrawide gaming monitor. Although it comes with a VA panel, it still has good color accuracy, which is suitable for editing, gaming, and even work-related projects.

For a budget curved monitor like this, it already offers the unique bonus of a 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and also supports HDR up to 400 nits, and to me those are some pretty good specs. However, remember that this remarkable display will improve in virtually any arrangement as long as your GPU has enough power to support the monitor.

Overall, the Acer Nitro XZ2 gaming monitor is a great choice not only for gaming but also for your everyday uses. If you’re looking for a mid-range curved monitor that lets you see everything that’s on the screen, I highly recommend this monitor.

For those interested in purchasing this monitor, you can do so by visiting Acer Shopee Malaysia official site here. Alternatively, you can also check out the official product page here.

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