Aside from the usual dose of English-language shows from countries like the US and UK, streaming giant Netflix is ​​gradually expanding towards international shows in new languages ​​and new countries. From the German science fiction drama Dark to Korean Dark Fantasy infernalthese shows have become some of the highest rated and most popular Netflix originals.

Not only does this variety of options help introduce international talent to a wider audience, but it would also encourage viewers to watch more shows with similar cultural contexts. According to a list curated by Ranker, these are some of the biggest international sensations Netflix has produced.


10 Mortel (2019-2021)

The formula of the high school drama gets a supernatural twist with the French fantasy series Mortar. The show follows a group of misfit teenagers who make a pact with a voodoo deity to avenge the death of one of their brothers. The mayhem wrought with her newfound powers will impress fans of the fantasy and even superhero genres.

While critical reviews for Mortar were mixed, the audience reaction was mostly positive due to the high streaming numbers. on rangerthe show outperforms several other French-language shows available to stream on Netflix lupine and Marianne.

9 Drug Squad – Costa Del Sol (2019)

Smiling anti-drug officers on the Costa del Sol

With narcotics and its spin-off shows, Netflix has definitely developed an interest in the history of the drug trade. In the same vein, this 13-part Spanish series explores the history of early Spanish anti-drug units.

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With popular Spanish stars like Hugo Silva and Álvaro Cervantes in the lead ensemble, Costa del Sol is an adrenaline pumping action drama. Instead of sensationalizing the drug menace of the 1970s, it also takes a more realistic look at the police detectives who took down drug lords with minimal resources.

8th Criminal: Spain (2019)

Criminal: Spain Netflix cast

Criminal serves as a Netflix cross-border anthology series with true crime scenarios set in different countries, from England to France to Germany. The Spanish version follows the same format as its other counterparts, with each episode set in a police interrogation room. While the investigators question their accused suspects, a psychological power struggle ensues.

Rather than relying on violence and gore, the crimes are discussed in a conversational format that immerses viewers in an intense and claustrophobic interrogation. With just over three episodes Criminals: Spain is also one of the most binge-able police procedural TV shows.

7 Dark (2017-2020)

A young man walking in the dark in the dark

The German science fiction series that took the world by storm, Dark combines time travel with the mystery genre. As a child in the sleepy town of Winden, the Netflix character disappears Dark uncover a larger conspiracy that spans multiple generations. What follows is a stunning series of events.

Launched as Germany’s first Netflix original series, Dark was an instant hit and wrapped up its multifaceted storyline with a critically acclaimed three-season series.

6 The connection plan (2018-2022)

Friends walking together on an open road in The Hookup Plan

take things on a lighter note, The connection plan falls into the genre of romantic comedy. The protagonist of this French-language Netflix series is a hapless woman struggling with a monotonous job and a mid-life crisis. With no luck in her love life either, her friends try to set her up with a male escort, resulting in a friendship that will change her life forever.

After the horrors of MarianneNetflix’s second French original, is a fairly light-hearted viewing option that would suit audiences who want to watch something quickly.

5 The Protector (2018-2020)

The Turkish action drama for over four seasons The protector revolves around an ordinary shopkeeper who discovers that he is connected to an ancient secret order tasked with protecting the city of Istanbul. Conflicted between his normal life and family responsibilities, The Protector is an interesting watch for fans of stories that blend the past with the present, such as: Assassin’s Creed like games or even superhero shows moon knight.

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Compared to other countries, Turkey has a fair share of original programming on Netflix. With a four-year term The protector is the most consistent and popular option in the language.

4 Skylines (2019)


When it comes to good Netflix shows that got canceled after just one season, the German drama skylines seems like an easy contender. The show features a hip-hop-heavy soundtrack, as it’s about a rap producer who signs with the acclaimed Skyline Records, only to find out the record label is a front for organized crime.

Despite a short run skylines Fans convinced and received positively. When Netflix users are done Darkthen this is another German cult favorite to get into.

3 Unorthodox (2020)

Esty in Unorthodox(1)

Although large parts of Unorthodox Filmed in New York and Berlin, the screenplay is mostly in Yiddish due to its focus on an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect. The central figure is a 19-year-old woman fleeing a conservative society to start a new life in Berlin. But her eventful past, from which she is desperately trying to free herself, catches up with her.

Nominated for multiple Emmys, Unorthodox with its shocking scenes and realistic performances, it proved a fruitful American-German co-production. It still ranks as one of the top-rated shows on Netflix.

2 Love 101 (2020-2021)

love 101 is an adorable Turkish teen comedy about which a group of high school students band together to help a beloved teacher find true love. Set in the 1990s, the show is imbued with a sense of nostalgic simplicity.

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Because the show also deals with the multiple parallel lives of the students it focuses on, there’s a lot going on within it love 101 and yet the plot does not seem random. Compared to the heavy drama of The protector, love 101 bursting with good old lighthearted fun.

1 Hellbound (2021-)

A group of men cower in fear in Hellbound

After wowing critics and breaking streaming records, maybe that’s what people would have thought Squid Game could be Ranker’s best international show on Netflix. But for now, the top spot has been taken by another popular Korean series infernal. Fall into the dark fantasy genre, infernal includes mysterious supernatural beings that appear out of nowhere and condemn ordinary people to hell.

It was like this infernal‘s popularity on Netflix, which the show ended up surpassing Squid Game as the world’s most-watched Netflix show in November, as reported by The guard.

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