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Absolution release date and other details revealed

Netflix confirms an adult animated series based on the Dragon Age video game series, revealing release date and other exciting details.

Netflix has confirmed the release date of its upcoming adult animated TV show based on the dragon time video game series, Dragon Age: Absolution. dragon time is a popular video game franchise from BioWare, the same developers behind the immensely popular mass effect Franchise.

Given the often compelling nature of video game storylines, a variety of television adaptations have become popular with both gamers and general audiences. BioWare’s RPG games feature a dynamic cast of characters, and the setting and atmosphere have been praised by gamers and critics alike. Netflix likely saw a number of opportunities with a dragon time show and a chance to expose non-players to the game’s dramatic elements.


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That dragon time The TV show was first reported in June 2022, but recently Netflix revealed important details about the upcoming series. The show will air on the platform on December 9th and promises to be action-packed with an immersive storyline. The show was developed in partnership with BioWare.

dragon time Games have been praised for featuring different characters, and Netflix promises the show will keep that aspect. The platform has inducted a wide array of vocal talent to bring voice to an inclusive cast, including Kimberly Books, best known as the voice of Ashley Williams in the mass effect Series. The newly released two-minute trailer offers a taste of the series’ tragic backstory and introduces elven protagonist Miriam.

Miriam is a former slave who makes her way as a mercenary. With a small group of followers, Miriam attempts to steal the Circulum Infinitus, a powerful artifact powered by blood magic. The series will take place in the mage-controlled realm of Tevinter and the show will feature mature themes of corruption, power and freedom. given dragon timeDue to his penchant for reintroducing past characters from previous games, it’s possible Miriam will make an appearance in the upcoming one Dragon Age: Dread Wolf.

Netflix appears to be pursuing content that appeals to a wide range of viewers who aren’t just fans of specific video game franchises. Unknown to many viewers League of Legends felt Netflix arcane TV show was very entertaining. arcane became an award-winning production with a fan base that includes gamers and non-players alike. With HBO releasing a show based on The last of usand Netflix, which compiles a small library of game-to-screen adaptations, it’s clear that the often complex and compelling worlds presented in video games are equally alluring to a wide range of viewers when adapted for television .

Dragon Age: Absolution will stream on Netflix on December 9th.

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