A warning about fake cryptocurrency ads

If you happen to come across a cryptocurrency investment ad involving myself and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, former President and now Representative of Pampanga’s Second District, I want you to know that it is a FALSE one.

I mentioned a few days ago on my Fast Talk with Boy Abunda (GMA 7) show that former Pres. Arroyo contacted me about a misleading, fake ad circulating around the internet asking people to invest in a cryptocurrency called BIT IQ. She asked me to warn the public about this misinformation.

The allegation was that I interviewed the former president, who according to the FALSE ADVERTISEMENT made a hefty sum, and this alarmed the banks, who refused to inform the public as it would be bad business for them. This is all FAKE NEWS, I did not interview former President Arroyo regarding the cryptocurrency claimed by this fake ad.

The people behind the cryptocurrency investment also made it appear as part of the news on GMA 7 and CNN Philippines. They even used logos of the country’s main broadsheets to convince Filipinos to invest their hard-earned money in this scam. Get-rich-quick testimonials contained in said ad could trap any reader.

Some friends called me to verify the accuracy of this fake ad. This is also a fake.

I thought after clarifying on national TV that we are in no way involved in the cryptocurrency investment ad, this will put an end to any attempt to post misleading information on the subject on the internet. But another friend from my Ateneo days texted me to let me know he’d seen the same ad, which he said still appears as a sponsored ad in a major broadsheet.

With so much free information on the internet, it’s easy to become distracted by all the materials created to deceive, lie, or support the nefarious agenda of an individual or social group. These people are polluting the internet with misinformation. This is why I ask people to review, review and compare content they see online to avoid falling into the trap of believing made up stories and falling into misfortune which is the last thing we do these days need.


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