A schoolgirl’s death after being beaten by a classmate sparks outrage

WARNING – SOOTHING CONTENT: A 14-year-old has died from her injuries after being brutally beaten by a classmate.

Harrowing footage shows students laughing and raunchy as a girl punches Norma Lizbeth outside her school in Teotihuacan, Mexico. As the girl grabs Norma by the hair, she repeatedly slaps her on the back of the head with her other hand.

Media in the state of Mexico reported that Norma died on March 13 from the beatings she received in the brutal fight. Her family and teachers have since said she has long complained of being physically and verbally bullied by her classmates.

Schoolgirl Norma is beaten by a classmate.

The 14-year-old schoolgirl fell unconscious and died at her home after the brutal fight. Source: CEN/Australscope

They are now demanding that the Ministry of Public Education, the State Board of Education and the Public Prosecutor investigate the case.

Local media reports that the fight took place on February 21 in front of dozens of students about 50 meters from their school. Shockingly, none of those present attempted to separate the two girls and instead filmed the spectacle.

After the fight finally ended, some locals reportedly helped Norma clean her bloody nose before paramedics arrived. An X-ray later revealed that she had suffered a broken nose.

The two girls were summarily suspended from school for a month, with their respective parents agreeing to split medical bills 50-50.

Image shows Norma Lizbeth's coffin in Teotihuacn, Mexico.

Norma’s cause of death was given as head trauma. Source: CEN/Australscope

Sister vows to ‘seek justice’ after teen’s death

While recovering from her injuries at home, Norma became nauseous over the weekend and fainted several times. She later lost consciousness. The cause of death was given as head trauma.

Her older sister, Alma Delia Ramos Perez, accuses the principal of minimizing Norma’s suffering by viewing the incident as a fight rather than an episode of bullying.

“I was with her from the day of the accident, I supported her, I went where I needed to go; I want my sister to know that we will seek justice, that wherever she is, she should be happy because there is no one else to hurt her,” she said in a heartbreaking message.

Norma, who dreamed of becoming a nurse, was buried on Wednesday.


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