A New Universal Theme Park Is Coming To Texas – Here’s What We Know

Get ready for “a one-of-a-kind theme park” coming to this north Texas city.

Universal Parks & Resorts is no stranger to immersing its fans in fantastic new worlds. Whether it’s the popular Harry Potter world that really makes you feel like you’re in a Harry Potter movie, or Springfield, the home of The simpsonsMillions of fans flock to Universal Parks around the world each year for unparalleled theme park experiences.

Now, fans and families alike can enjoy a newly announced Universal Theme Park! While there are many Universal Parks and Resorts around the world, this particular park is opening in North Texas.

Specially designed for families with young children, the park will be “like no other in the world,” according to an official press release from Universal Parks & Resorts. We are already adding it to our list of the best family vacation ideas.

Here’s everything we know so far about the exciting new park.

What will the new Universal Park look like?

New Universal Park in Frisco Texas for younger kids

Courtesy of Universal Parks and Resorts

The imaginary park concept shows a park “in a lush green landscape” with “immersive themed areas”. The park’s goal is to appeal to a “younger audience” and an overall family-friendly, regional audience. In addition, the park will have “a completely different look, feel and scale than Universal’s existing parks.”

While the park aims to be distinctive, there are hopes to bring everyone’s favorite Universal components to the new park as well: “entertainment, humor and innovation and [that] brings his beloved characters and stories to life.” Bonuses from interactive shows, character encounters and attractions for the whole family are part of the park’s concept.

This new park could make the Disney World-Universal debate even tougher than it already is.

In which Texas city will the new Universal Park be located?

The new park, being purchased on 97 acres of land, will be located in Frisco, Texas. The city in northern Texas has around 210,000 inhabitants and is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

Some may be wondering why Frisco was the choice for this new park over its typical Florida or California locations. Universal credits the choice to Frisco’s burgeoning population and its ability to “attract business to the area.”

“We believe North Texas is the perfect place to open this unique family park as it continues to grow in popularity in this part of the state,” said Page Thompson, president of New Ventures at Universal Parks & Resorts, in a statement.

We know we’re already adding it to our Texas road trip ideas list!

When does the park open?

No official release date has been set yet.

However, there are still many plans for the company. According to Universal’s press release, there is hope to build a themed hotel at the site and continue the overall development of the park.

Until then, we’ll keep dreaming about what the latest Universal Park project will be like.


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