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A new series surpasses Stranger Things as the most-watched Netflix series


An important title for Netflix adaptations is which one is watched the most by its subscribers, and Stranger Things was one of the most important. It has held its own against major productions, but the time has come when it has been defeated. Here we tell you which is the most watched series on the platform so far.

Netflix event at Casa Fortaleza.
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stranger things has become the most-watched series in the Netflix catalog since returning for its fourth season after three years. Shortly thereafter, Virgin River almost there, but almost not, although now a production has arrived that has dethroned the creation of the Duffer brothers.

It is well known that the streaming service is losing members. After the huge drop in users leading to financial losses, Netflix makes every effort to capture the audience’s attention. From renewing productions to continuing with great franchises such as breaking Badto accommodate new large-scale projects.

The latter seems to have paid off, as one of the latest additions to the catalog pays off. The new DC comics Adaptation has so far ranked as the most-watched series by the entire production company, surpassing all previous series that held that position until recently.

The Sandman overtook Stranger Things as the most-watched series on Netflix

According to reports from FlixPatrol, the remake of Neil Gaiman’s comic is the most watched in the catalog so far. From its premiere on Friday, August 5th to today, it has already accumulated a total of 69,480,000 million hours played in less than a week.

The following story Dream is one of the favorites of the platform’s subscribers. Tom Sturridge is responsible for bringing to life the protagonist of the premise, who tells us the story of how he was captured and how he managed to escape after being imprisoned for almost a century. His absence triggers events that will forever change the world of dream and waking life.

The producers or creators of The Sandman haven’t confirmed a second season yet, however Alan Heinbergexecutive producer and showrunner of the series said that he would like to adapt all existing material from the comic, including the spin-offs, and for that it would take 5 seasons to adapt the main series well.

On the other hand, Neil Gaimann also spoke about the future of the series, confirming that some pictures have already been shot in case the show goes on for a long time. He also has plans for each and every one of the comics, including Sandman: Overturethe volume that explains why Dream was so weakened that he could be captured so easily.

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