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OCALA, FL, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NUGEN Universe is a dedicated blockchain-based initiative that has been meticulously designed with the primary goal of providing users with complete financial freedom through a wide array of custodial and non-custodial services . The platform aims to get people around the world to use crypto assets in their daily routine, from buying that toothbrush in the morning to paying the restaurant bills in the evening.

NUGEN firmly believes that every person on this planet has the right to do business. Therefore, the platform is developing its native utility coin, NUGEN, a BEP-20 standard token based on the robust Binance Smart Chain network. This coin makes the dream of “everyday crypto” a reality by partnering with real-world traders from various fields. Also, it is a governance token that grants its holders voting rights on the platform.

“The Nugen team is excited and very happy to be one of the early adopters of the Web3.0 ecosystem. The future is Web3. NUGEN Universe is an exquisite mix of Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and more. Get ready to experience the latest crypto trends under one roof,” says Fazil M Jabar, co-founder and CEO of Nugen Universe

In addition, the project will launch NUGEN Energy Coin, NUGEN Realty Coin, NUGEN Oxygen Coin, NUGEN Travel Coin and NUGEN Exchange. Additionally, NUGEN yearns to leverage the market advantages of NFTs, Metaverse, Fintech and more by developing its own line of products, including

  • NUGEN NFT Marketplace: A feature-rich platform that enables people worldwide to securely buy, sell, bid and trade branded NFTs.
  • NUGEN Metaverse: Gives an immersive virtual world experience through its metaverse surrounded by parks, gardens, shopping malls, nightclubs, theme parks, gaming zones, etc.
  • NUGEN Crypto ATM: The platform will open its crypto ATMs in different stores to offer high payment flexibility.
  • Neo NUGEN: Neo NUGEN is a licensed bank that offers high quality crypto services.
  • NUGEN BLINXPAY: It is a payment platform that manages all types of payments.
  • NUGEN Crypto Cards: NUGEN issues credit/debit cards to allow users to purchase their desired goods/services.

Taken together, NUGEN Universe represents a one-stop-shop platform that meets the essential needs of a crypto user in all aspects. The private sale of the NUGEN coin has already ended and the public sale is just around the corner. The early adopters of the platform have a higher chance of making excellent returns. Keep an eye on their social media addresses for the latest updates.

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