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A fresh look at a marriage story

the marriage app, also known Matrimillas, is a brand new Spanish movie that premiered on Netflix. The comedy is directed by Sebastián De Caro (Claudia) and written by Gabriel Korenfeld and Rocio Blanco. With a running time of 101 minutes, the film was released on December 7, 2022.

The film’s cast includes Luisana Lopilato (“Pipa”) and Juan Minujín (“El marginal”) as the main characters, and the supporting cast includes Cristina Castaño, Andrea Rincon, Julian Lucero, Santiago Gobernori, Vincent Archain, Aylén Malisani, Betiana Blum, Hernán Montenegro and Juan Tupac Soler.

The film was produced by Fernando Abadi, Ariel Checcio, Esteban Mentasti, Horacio Mentasti and Juan Minujín. The film’s story revolves around a couple whose marriage has become quite boring and they try to reignite the flame. Pedro Onetto is providing the music for the film and filming will take place in Argentina.

The Netflix synopsis of the film reads:

estabIn a troubled marriage, a frustrated couple finds hope in a fun app that rewards good deeds – until the obsession with earning points takes over.

-The Marriage App Review contains no spoilers-

The film begins with a plot similar to any other marriage-themed film, in which the couple has become boring and docile. The differences between them increase as they are dissatisfied in the relationship with each other. The husband tries to stay away from the house as much as possible, and the wife feels uncomfortable because she doesn’t pay attention to him.

But the plot takes a turn when Belén and Fede try to reignite the romance with the help of a facility that has these skills. They arrive at Equilibrium, where they help the couple mend their bond through a clock that doesn’t tell time but counts miles, much like Flyer miles. The miles increase with every service they render to each other and they can eventually claim rewards with the miles they earn.

The marriage app still 1
Still from The Marriage App

The plot of the film is unique, which makes it unpredictable. The gradual progression of the story also gives the audience a real glimpse into the inner workings of a marriage and how two people try to make it work. The display of anger, dissent and selfishness among the pair gives it a fresh and tangible point of view.

The jokes in the film are well written, which adds value to the story. The background music also makes the scenes more interesting and engaging. The locations, costumes and styling of the characters are also satisfying.

Luisana Lopilato stole the show in the lead role. She gave an excellent performance and stayed in her character the whole time. Juan Minujín also did a good job and delivered what the script called for. The supporting actors also did an adequate job. The only disappointing thing about the film is the ending and the lack of a conclusion.

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The Marriage App: Final Thoughts

The film has funny jokes, emotional scenes and a good structure. It’s a feel-good film that won’t disappoint. With a unique tale of how a clock takes over the lives of a married couple and how they struggle to keep their relationship from falling apart, it will have audiences giggling the entire time.

The story is not just about a married couple, but also about them as individuals with wants and needs that can be relatable to viewers. Along with an amazing cast and filming locations, the film lives up to expectations and beyond.

The marriage app yet 2
Still from The Marriage App

The Marriage App now streaming on Netflix.

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