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A documentary by Pamela Anderson plus 4 other major Netflix releases streaming next week

Netflix is ​​kicking off the release of a lively new documentary about Pamela Anderson later this month, but there are also a handful of other big Netflix releases coming to the streaming giant over the next few days – including everything from Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings Trilogy based on a documentary series about a multi-millionaire German shepherd named Gunther.

If you need some recommendations on what to watch on the streamer this weekend and beyond, here are some upcoming Netflix titles to check out and add to your watchlist.

Pamela, a love story

come first time on January 31stis the above Pamela, a love story – a documentary from director Ryan White about the blonde bombshell who defined the 90’s and now she sets out to define herself with this film.

To “take back” her narrative, so to speak, she now tells her story with everything from never-before-seen personal photos to diary entries and more. Through Netflix, this film is “a first-person account of what it’s really like to be an icon, a sex symbol, an actor, and a mother of two—all while everyone is watching.”

Pamela Anderson
A commercial still from the Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story. Image source: Netflix

The film follows the arc of Anderon’s career from small town girl to internationally acclaimed playboy model and sex symbol. “The film features refreshingly candid reflections from Anderson on the sometimes tumultuous but always heartfelt experiences that have shaped her today,” Netflix continues, “including their explosive, whirlwind romances and the infamous stolen tape that led to the first viral video in the Internet was and would be a turning point in her career.”

Adding Anderson in a Netflix interview about being in the film, “I was very hesitant, but looking back, I feel empowered. And I hope so [my story] inspires people to have a great time and not worry so much.”

You guys + other new Netflix releases to try

What else awaits the streamer is Kenya Barris’ directorial debut You guys – starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy – it hits Netflix on January 27th.

Co-written by Barris and Hill, the film plays on the well-known “Meet the Parents” story involving a couple and their respective parents, this time with the inclusion of a culture clash.

You guys starts with a nice meeting. Hill’s Ezra Cohen accidentally gets into someone’s car (owned by “Amira”, played by Lauren London) after mistakenly assuming she was his ride. Once the shock wears off, there’s an offer of a date and the two hit it off quickly and easily.

You people on Netflix
Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy in the Netflix series You People. Image Credit: Tyler Adams/Netflix

So far, so good. Finally, of course, it’s time to get to know the families. Ezras are Jewish and (according to Netflix) “half-awake” parents, played by David Duchovny and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, while Amiras are Muslim and “unyielding” (played by Eddie Murphy and Nia Long). Of course there will be conflict and merriment.

“The one thing they have in common?” A promotional item from the streamer teases the film. “The ability to mercilessly interfere in their children’s lives with hilarious results. For proof, look no further than the film’s teaser, which shows Hill confronting Murphy and Long while Ezra asks Amira’s parents for permission to propose to her. The venue? The legendary Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles.”

Additional titles

In the meantime, here’s what else is coming to Netflix in the next few days, including a popular fantasy film franchise and a wild novelty King of the Tigers-like documentary series.

The Great British Baking Show: The Pros: If you are a fan of The Great British Baking Show, a new season of its “professional” spinoff – which, if you ask me, removes perhaps the best aspect of the original show, the competition among amateur bakers – is coming to Netflix. The series’ iteration, The Professionals, pits teams of talented British pastry chefs against one another. Season 6 release date: February 1st.

Lord of the Rings: This is obviously not a Netflix release originating from the streamer, but these will still be some of the biggest titles to stream on the platform next week and into the future. Peter Jackson’s original Lord of the rings Trilogy is coming to Netflix US from February 1st.

Netflix documentaries Gunther’s millions

Finally a Netflix release to satisfy the documentary fans among you:

The 4-part documentation Gunther’s millionsCome on February 1st, is the wild but true story of a German shepherd named Gunther who inherited a fortune of $400 million. And it gets crazier from there: the wealth behind this multi-millionaire dog, inherited from a mysterious countess, has nurtured an empire of riches that spans two forts – one that includes luxury mansions and even a pop music group.

Gunther's Millions on Netflix
The $400 million dog from Gunther’s Millions. Image source: Netflix

From Netflix’s official synopsis of the series:

“Multimillionaire Gunther VI. lives in the lap of luxury: he travels in private planes, eats gold flake steaks for dinner and surrounds himself with a glamorous entourage of speakers and entertainers. He is also a German Shepherd Dog. According to legend, Gunther’s great-grandfather was originally owned by a mysterious countess whose son tragically died. Having no heirs, the Countess bequeathed her considerable fortune to her beloved dog, placing him in the care of her son’s close friend, an Italian pharmaceutical heir and aspiring impresario named Maurizio Mian… It’s a fairy tale that’s both beautiful and bizarre, and of course, questions abound.”


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