A crypto CEO apparently wants to ban employees from feeling offended

In the 2010s we all thought there was no worse person in the world than a financial bro. That may have been true then, but today there is an even more intolerable strain: the crypto brother. And Jesse Powell, CEO of cryptocurrency giant Kraken, is a perfect example of this intolerability. Powell recently released an internal culture statement that essentially prohibits employees from complaining about discrimination. The New York Times reported.

In the 31-page statement, Powell wrote, among other things, that the company would prioritize job applicants based on whether they fit the “crypto-first culture” — which essentially means that prospective Kraken employees are not allowed to call anyone racist or xenophobic. even if they are those things, according to VICE News. In addition to this requirement, Kraken collaborators said that Powell questioned the concept of preferred pronouns, that there was still debate over whether women were as intelligent as men, and that a discussion had started about who would use the N-word could Times. He also said the company will be hiring “solely on merit” and not based on anyone’s physical characteristics (i.e. race), which is like code for “I’m about to hire a bunch of similarly callous crypto bros.”

Again, this type of rhetoric is nothing new. It comes at a time when many Republicans and those on the right believe that the impending demise of Western civilization can be blamed on people of color, women and queer people. Indeed gotten out of hand in one Twitter thread, Powell basically blamed his own company’s downfall on marginalized employees raising their voices. “People were focused on minor grievances, first world issues, and not on our really big, important mission of helping billions of people,” he wrote. One of those so-called “minor insults,” he noted, included whether or not people can use the N-word. In the company’s original statement, he also pointed out that if not enough people are offended, it means there isn’t enough diversity of thought – which is ironic because he seems quite offended himself.

Powell said anyone who disagreed with his “diversity of thought” approach could resign Times, and they had until Monday to decide whether or not to leave the company. While incredibly destructive, this is likely an intentional technique by Powell to deter employees as the value of crypto plummets and other companies are laying off hundreds of their employees. But seriously, if he wanted to fire people, he should have done it without all the added trauma.

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