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7 Michigan State University football players were charged last month after an altercation with University of Michigan athletes


According to the Washtenaw County Attorney’s Office, seven Michigan State football players have been charged after they fought with University of Michigan players in a stadium tunnel shortly after their game more than three weeks ago.

CNN is in the process of reaching out to players for comment and has reached out to Michigan State and the Big Ten Conference for comment.

The University of Michigan president said he was grateful to prosecutors for their investigation.

“At the University of Michigan, we appreciate the thoughtful, deliberate approach of the Washtenaw County Attorney’s Office to this unfortunate incident,” school president Santa J. Ono said in a statement to CNN. “We would also like to express our concern for all the players involved, especially those who were injured,” he added. “The University of Michigan will continue to cooperate fully with further reviews of this matter.”

A video posted on Twitter by The Detroit News showed this Multiple Spartan players in an altercation with a Wolverine player in the tunnel at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

At the time, Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh said two of his players had been “attacked” and one of them may have a broken nose.

“I saw that one video, the 10-on-1, it’s… pretty bad,” Harbaugh said.

“What happened after the game is completely unacceptable,” Michigan athletic director Warde Manuel said.

Alan Haller, Michigan State Vice President and Athletics Director named the evidence “Alarming,” adding, “The behavior we reviewed was both atypical of our football program and unacceptable.”

School police from both universities and the Michigan State Police were jointly investigating the incident, prosecutors said.

Attorney Mike Nichols, representing one of the players charged with criminal assault, Khary “KJ” Crump, said They “do not want to hear this case in the media, we plan to hear it in court.”

Nichols added, “That was a blow to KJ, who was charged the day before Thanksgiving, and he’ll get through it.”

Michigan State Attorney David Diamond and his client Angelo Grose, who is charged with aggravated assault, are “disappointed with the decision to file criminal charges,” he told CNN in a statement.

“Michigan’s criminal code for grievous bodily harm requires infliction of serious or grievous injury. We do not know the true extent of the Michigan player’s injuries and who, if any of the seven, actually and directly caused them, which is the definition of reasonable doubt,” Diamond said.

The state schools have had a historic rivalry going back generations. Michigan had defeated Michigan State 29-7 prior to the October 29 scuffle.

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