Although we’ll be very excited for Netflix to add its fair share of new titles for us to watch on its streaming platform –stranger things, bling empire and A perfect pairingto name a few – we’re also sad to know that with each new month, many movies and shows are being removed from Netflix.

The removal of some of our favorite titles can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Some are being added to other major streaming platforms, while others are no longer licensed to Netflix. Regardless of the reason, saying goodbye to these titles is never easy, which is why before they go, we want to share with you which shows and movies you can stream on Netflix before they make their final bow.

Shows and movies are leaving Netflix in May 2022

Nothing says “snooze, you lose” like waiting until the last minute to watch your favorite title. We want to help you avoid that. Here are the 6 shows and movies to watch right this second before they air on May 31st.

Downton Abbey

not how The crown, Bridgetonand black mirror (Kind of), Downton Abbey is an English drama that will not stay on Netflix permanently.

Seasons 1 through 6 of the series will be removed from the site and can now only be viewed on sites such as Amazon Prime Video and Peacock. That means Netflix subscribers won’t be able to shake their fists with Daisy Parker, Nanny West, Mr. Green, Sarah Bunting, Charles Carson, and the rest of the serious nuisances Downton Abbey sign after this month. But that’s a win in our book.

We may have to get our tempting tea and raunchy scandals elsewhere very soon. But for now, we still have time to watch the series before it leaves. You should do this especially if you plan on watching Downton Abbey: A New Era at the cinema this weekend.

Watch the trailer for the newly released film here.


hairspray is the iconic film that made us realize three things: 1. Zac Efron looks stunning with his gelled hair, 2. Amanda Bynes and Queen Latifah are faces we never tire of seeing on our screens, and 3. They absolutely positive can’t stop the beat.

This track will always be such a fun, feel-good musical to check out, whether you’re feeling down or just want to see something quirky with your friends and family. Perhaps a stern tweet to Netflix will see this happy film another day. If not, we can play Big, Blonde and Beautiful until the site fulfills our desires.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If it weren’t for this childhood classic, we’d never have seen super-powered turtles living in sewers, so it definitely hurts to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leave Netflix.

When we were kids we looked up to Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. At least they managed to make the villain fight look super cool to us. On top of that, they had a drug master who taught them all their ninja moves. And who could forget all those delicious looking pizzas they would eat after a hard day’s work? (You’re lying when you say you didn’t want a piece either!)

Everyone who was anyone looked at every single part of this franchise with a smile on their face because it was so awesome. It really hurts to see it go.

I know what you did last summer

I know what you did last summer is the perfect horror film if you’re trying to teach someone why it’s not okay to tell big stories… or why you should try not to accidentally kill someone while out with your friends.

Both this film and its sequel have become permanent fixtures in the world of horror due to their ability to fill our minds with racing thoughts. On the one hand you feel sorry for the poor teenagers who made a mistake they can’t erase and yet believe they should have been clean from the start.

Then again, you understand that the killer is hunting them to get revenge, but wonder why he can’t put that effort into a job or something. And then, in your invisible third hand, you wonder how these kids can’t run fast enough, even though their bodies are in their prime.

If you want to catch a thriller with friends this weekend, this is definitely the way to go. However, it’s probably best to leave your thinking caps in the kitchen when you tune in.


Whether you know every line like the back of your hand or just know a few lines from tumblr memes, Zoolander is a hilarious film that everyone knows and loves.

Although it’s been over 20 years since the film hit theaters, the 2001 film just never gets old. From the inclusion of some of the most outrageous wigs we’ve ever seen to the many ridiculous outfits worn by even more ridiculous characters, viewers appreciated that this film didn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s exactly why his legacy isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We can’t wait for our future generations to see the cultural shift that led to Owen Wilson taking off his underwear without ever removing his pants.

top gun

top gun is another classic we have to say goodbye to that stinks because who but Tom Cruise is going to teach us how to look polite in military attire?

Aside from having one of the best soundtracks in film history, the 1986 film was revered by audiences for its stunning graphics, compelling story and of course its ability to motivate everyone to be the best at what they do when others don’t think they have what it takes. Also, the movie got a lot of people to become pilots, so it’s sure you should stream it top gun this weekend when you’re trying to convince your kids to work in the airline industry.

You may not be able to watch the 1986 film before it leaves Netflix. If so, don’t worry because you can see the long-awaited sequel in movies next week. Until then, watch the trailer Top Gun: Maverick under.

Without a doubt, this is among the most heartbreaking months of moving we have experienced to date. If you feel the same way, then hurry to Netflix to check out all these great titles!

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