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Netflix‘s latest K-Drama project, The Sound of Magicinvites the audience into bizarre wonderlands and oddities in its 6 episodes.

A groundbreaking miniseries for its individualistic fantasy musical genre, the star-studded show has undoubtedly caught the attention of drama lovers across the board.

With people like Ji Chang Wook and Choi Seung Eunand Hwang In Yeob, The Sound of Magic tells the story of a struggling student’s fateful encounter with a mysterious sorcerer whose eccentricities and tricks provide an escape from the harsh realities of life. Along the way, the two find comfort and warmth in each other, speaking directly to the wondrous inner child in each individual.

Developed from the original webtoon, Annarasumanara, the magical TV series, takes it to the next level with incredible visuals and the power of CGI. Additionally, the major adaptation allowed viewers to delve deep into the fictional world beyond the restrictive panels of the webtoon through its immersive musical soundtrack that left nothing to be desired.

So, to reminisce and feel the childish flutter of drama, here are the most memorable songs The Sound of Magic.

Magic Inside You – Ji Chang Wook, Sondia, Ye. Z, Lee Yeseul

If there were a track that encompassed the energy of this K-Drama as a whole, magic in you would undeniably be in everyone’s first choice. Packed with swing and a stylistic nuance of bossa nova, the song repeats that rush of adrenaline you feel in your stomach as a magic show unfolds.

Additionally, actor Ji Chang-Wook has previously dabbled in musical theater and commented that he would work extensively with the production team on “how to express the emotions of the characters at the point where there is a transition to the music in the play. ”

I mean it – Hwang In-Yeob

After gaining worldwide attention for his singing in his earlier work, ‘True beauty‘ Hwang In-Yeob had fans yearning to hear more of his melodic singing. Thank God, The Sound of Magic presented the perfect opportunity.

In the drama, In-Yeob is joined by leading actress Choi Sung Eun, where her boring library session is enhanced by the acoustic track. Similarly, the song reveals the reformatory power of music in the face of life’s hardships.

Good Night – Choi Sung Eun, Hong Jung-min

When asked about her experience working on the soundtrack, Sung Eun happily noted that the lyrics gave her further insight into the character’s role Ah-yi. A rather dark character going through a tumultuous chapter in her life, Sung Eun managed to overcome difficulty through her “aha moment” as she conveyed her feelings through song.

Essentially ‘Good night‘ portrays the character’s consuming loneliness and hopelessness in her situation, making the ballad one that is comforting and relatable to viewers going through a difficult time.

Fantasy – Lee Chi-Hoon

lively and optimistic, fantasy by lyricist Lee Chi Hoon, is one of the few fast-paced songs from the soundtrack. Music director Park Sung-Il shared that he “limited and minimized fast numbers to the fantasy scenes and arranged ambient music for the emotional scenes”.

This aptly titled track brings together various singers to put together a colorful electronic track for the fantastical magic scenes.

Fantasy – English Band Version – Sondia, 남종

While the Korean version is undoubtedly a better display of live singing and stamina, fantasy‘s English band version unfolds the true potential of the rousing song with its studio version. Additionally, it’s the go-to version for international fans who want to karaoke without having to search for the romanized lyrics.

did you hear the rumor – 김선경

Just showing off the lyrical soundtracks of this musical masterpiece would be downright criminal, so here’s the mystical tune of did you hear the rumor brought to the audience by the composer Kim Sunkyung.

This track perfectly captures the mysterious and dark side of the elusive magician played by Ji Chang-Wook, using bells and strings to juxtapose his character’s innocence and lightheartedness as well as the numerous rumors he is shrouded in.

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