5 great LTMS that need to return in Chapter 4

Fortnite has had hundreds of Limited Time Modes, or LTMs, over the years. Almost every type of gameplay was accessible through these modes, but they used to be much more common. There are hardly any, and many of the classics have been around for some time.

This chapter represents an opportunity for a fresh start, so why not start bringing back popular LTMs? There are several worth reintroducing to current audiences. Here are some great examples of that.

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Avengers and four other LTMS urgently needing to return to Fortnite soon

5) explosives

High Explosives should return to the game (Image via Fortnite Wiki)
High Explosives should return to the game (Image via Fortnite Wiki)

Playing with explosive weapons in Fortnite can be fun. Unfortunately, the current loot pool in Chapter 4 Season 1 has very few options. LTMs are great for altering regular gameplay, so explosives would be a great addition.

This game mode gives players all the explosive weapons they can hold and tasks them with eliminating other players. Easier said than done, especially with weapons that can kill you just as quickly as others. It’s a dangerous game mode that’s a lot of fun.

4) Classic loot

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One thing players often regret about new seasons is the lack of legacy weapons. Players yearn for the return of the Pump Shotgun, or SCAR, but those days may never come. Since they are in the Vault, they can only be used in LTMs.

The Classic Loot LTM is one of the best for exactly this reason. Players miss the original weapons and the original game. This LTM return is the best way to appease everyone and allow them to use their favorite weapons again.

If Epic Games doesn’t add them to the main game modes, they might as well add them that way.

3) Wick’s Bounty

John Wick: Chapter 4 should appear this year. This is a perfect time to bring the crossover back, and it’s an opportunity Epic Games rarely misses. The first time this LTM was added to the game was for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellumso it would be a surprise not to see it again.

In this mode, players spawn with three lives. You will receive a Rare Combat Shotgun and a Rare Tactical Assault Rifle. Eliminations award gold coins and teams must receive 300 coins to win in duos or 500 for squads.

2) The escape

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Most Fortnite game modes are all about surviving and outlasting (or eliminating) everyone else. However, the Getaway does not. Instead of trying to stay on the island until everyone else has gone, the opposite is true.

Players had to collect a jewel and remove it from the map. This could usually be done by searching or chasing and eliminating the team holding it. Escaping the island was the final step, arguably the funniest. This LTM has been gone for a while but badly needs to be brought back.

1) Avenger LTM

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The Avengers LTM was one of the earlier entries in the LTM database and one of the game’s earliest collaborations. Almost four years after its debut, there aren’t many better LTMs out there. It’s still a classic and hasn’t been seen in so long.

In it, players could play as either the Chitauri from 2012’s The Avengers or the eponymous Avengers. On the Chitauri side, players could collect Infinity Stones and become Thanos.

It remains one of the funnest Fortnite LTMs ever made and it would be a shame never to return.


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