5 games to play if you liked Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is a survival game that can be extremely scary and bizarre at times. In the game, a player or group of players is stranded on an island and ultimately has to find a way out. The game features first-person combat and base-building mechanics that require world exploration.

Shortly after its release, Sons of the Forest received positive reviews. However, there are other titles for players who have completed the game or just want to play something similar. Let’s look at five of them.

Green Hell and four other survival games similar to Sons of the Forest

1) Green Hell

Green Hell is a first-person survival game developed by Creepy Jar that can feel similar to Sons of the Forest at times. It attempts to create a sense of realism by having players examine their characters’ bodies for wounds or parasites. The game also has a psychological gauge that affects a person’s insanity. If it drops too far, they start hallucinating.

The story follows anthropologist Jake Higgins as he searches for his lost wife in an Amazon forest. Green Hell can be played in single player or multiplayer co-op.

2) raft

The Raft is set in a world that is almost entirely submerged under water. Initially floating on a single piece of wood, players must gather resources from the ocean to expand their base and survive any danger. After collecting enough resources, players can increase their raft.

Eventually, the survivors will come across islands of different sizes. In some of them, clues can be uncovered that slowly reveal more about the world. Finding enough clues will explain why the world is in such a state.

3) Minecraft

Building bases seems to have become a staple of many, if not most, survival games, and Minecraft may be the reason for that. While the game is still dangerous in survival mode, it focuses more on giving players the freedom to use their creativity. This is because the survival aspects of the game take a backseat to base building.

Like most survival games, Minecraft players must keep themselves safe by gathering resources, exploring, and building bases.

4) rust

Rust is an extremely brutal survival game thanks to the dangerous animals and humans that players will encounter in the wild. Players looking for a bigger challenge than Sons of the Forest should try this game.

You can start your own private server in-game and play with a select group of players.

5) 7 days to death

7 Days to Die is a first-person zombie survival game with base building similar to Minecraft. Every seventh day the game gets a blood moon where zombies get stronger, faster and appear in large numbers.

Players must explore the world for loot in order to build a base and properly defend it. Like Sons of the Forest, 7 Days to Die can be played either as a single player or as a multiplayer game. The game is currently in Early Access but is constantly receiving new updates. It can be purchased on Steam.


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