5 Best Minecraft Nether Portal Designs in 2022

Nether Portals in Minecraft are fascinating mini-structures that players create to enter an entirely different realm.

When players first enter the game, they spend all of their time in the overworld realm. However, they soon discover that there is another realm called the Nether. This can only be accessed through a Nether portal.

A nether portal is built using obsidian blocks and the flint and steel item. Once players get at least 10 obsidian blocks, they can build the smallest portal by creating a vertical rectangle. The portal is activated by igniting the inner walls with flint and steel.

Although players typically create portals to quickly teleport through realms, they can also decorate them in interesting ways.

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Fantasy portal design, dark portal tower and 3 more ways to design a minecraft nether portal in 2022

1) Simple portal decoration

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This is one of the most basic designs players can implement for their Nether Portals in Minecraft. In this design, a small portal is lightly covered with specific blocks to make it look like a house or base entrance.

Players can use stone bricks, logs, leaf blocks, and even lamps to cover the portal’s frame, leaving only the opening. The top can be made of stone slabs. A layer of logs and blocks of foliage can then be placed. The side columns should leave room for the portal.

2) Fantasy portal design

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If players are willing to take it a step further, they can create an extremely beautiful fantasy-style nether portal in Minecraft.

This will be a circular build, covering a large nether portal with a circular wooden frame. A beautiful tree-like design will lightly cover the front of the portal. Players must know the art of making circles in Minecraft to nail this design.

Players can add lanterns and leaf blocks to further beautify the Nether Portal. Of course, you can also use other types of blocks to change the overall look.

3) Dragon Skull Portal

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This is another stunning nether portal theme that players can try to build in Minecraft.

This build features a massive nether portal that will essentially reside in the mouth of a menacing dragon skull. The skull can be made from blocks of quartz or blocks of bone for more authenticity. Players can easily change the dragon’s appearance by changing each layer.

The Dragon Skull Portal is one of the most complex designs on this list. Players need a lot of patience and accuracy to build it.

4) Dark Portal Tower

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Minecraft players can use Deepslate blocks to create dark and evil looking builds with ease. This deepslate block build is one of the simpler looking Netherportal designs out there.

Players can build a small tower surrounding a normal sized nether portal with deep slate stones and walls. Also, they can place Amethyst Clusters just above the Nether Portal area. This gives the portal a magical appearance.

5) Nether Sword Portal

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Although this build was made a year ago, it’s still one of the best ways to design a nether portal in Minecraft.

Players can create a giant sword that will have a portal in the blade area. The Overworld portal will have the hilt of the sword while the Nether portal will have the attacking end of the sword. This will give the impression that the sword penetrates the realm of the overworld and reaches the nether below.

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