47 thoughts I had while watching Drag Race S15, Wigloose: The Rusical

Cast of Ru Pauls' Drag Race Season 15 Episode 12 in Wigloose: The Rusical

Drag Race enters the final five with a rusical that has better production value than most Broadway shows and a very important political message as tensions between the queens grow ever closer to breaking point.

The queens are challenged while dressing Wigloose: The rusticthere is (obviously) a fight over who takes the lead and Luxx decides to take the mantle of RuPaul to psychologically torture Loosey on the main stage.

It’s a week when nobody does particularly badly, which makes it frustrating again when there’s a bottom two that seemed to be decided by the other girls based on the dreaded question, ‘Who should go home tonight and Why ?”

There’s an odd lip-sync result that sours an otherwise strong episode and raises questions about whether sending the eliminated girl home was just a formality

Here are 47 thoughts (my most yet!) I had while watching episode 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Raceseason 15

  • I still can’t believe they hacked Marcia Marcia Marcia just before the Rusical. That’s so rude.
  • I also still can’t believe last week wasn’t a double shantay – but Anetra, being part of the two best lip syncs this season so far sits right in my soul.
  • Salina starting this episode with 100 percent premium drag madness as the only queen wins without a challenge is just what I needed. “I don’t need victories to win this crown” – you alas, beloved.
  • If I know one thing, it’s that when a queen says she’s “entering her peak era,” she goes home. Salina, it was nice.
  • Joey Jay had more screen time this season than Kandy Ho did in the season she was actually in.
  • ORVILLE PECK AS A GUEST JUDGE? The phrase “save a horse, ride a cowboy” has never been more accurate.
  • All that ‘era’ talk. I have a feeling Taylor Swift has entered the Werk Room.
  • It’s a rusical! As a company Kardashians: The Rustic Stan, I’m excited to see how this pans out. Although how they turned out Madonna: The Rustic (RIP Jan) too Social Media: The Rustic in just one season…prison time. I can’t wait to see wigalthough it already has points for that dumb Surname.
  • Mistress knows Exactly what to do and say to wind up loosey UP after luxx and loosey feud over roles and unfortunately for miss laduca this is really good tv. Let go!
  • I might like to name a bit of shadow. Luxx and Mistress “call” Loosey on how he wants the part of Heaven Bacon (funny) because it’s the lead, as if that’s not exactly why Luxx wants her too.
  • Very angry, very screaming, very confused! After Loosey surrendered (and yelled at Mistress a bit) she gave the sky to Luxx, but then 30 seconds later Luxx turned around to do the same and gave it back to Loosey? I think Luxx was afraid to play the lead.
  • That Sasha Colby deliberately chooses the role of Carl is so funny – and shows that Ms Colby is a TV professional. Especially when she couples it with a heartbreaking story of her mother telling her she won’t make it to heaven.
  • Loosey is ready for it Crack, Mother. And Salina is so right; Luxx and Mistress feed on it. Also, it couldn’t be a season 15 conversation without someone mentioning a win or the very detailed details of what one entails! Loosey says she guided Luxx to this win – so is Luxx only worth half a win? And Loosey’s is one and a half? That sounds a lot like math to me.
  • Anetra is told that she was born for drag, which must be nice to hear from Roople.
  • Ru telling Salina that her worries “are not really real” is the highlight, Ms. Paul.
  • Noah Fence, but WHERE is Jamal Sims at this rehearsal?
  • “The movements don’t give 80s. There’s white.” Sasha Colby, the woman you are.
  • DID LUXX STOLE HER COAT? I was about to write that again, top toot for her work Room Outfit, but not when she engages in theft, robbery and crime?
  • Sasha Colby calls Mistress because she is unable to do the dance it’s so funny. “She’s doing a slide split, girl stop playing.”
  • The fact that these queens filmed this season almost a year ago and are talking about drag bans and the misconceptions surrounding drag is scary because things have only gotten worse.
  • Sasha Colby looks like Ell*n D*generes in this boy drag wig.
  • Ru’s dress sucks. kill origami.
  • I don’t want to read too much into it because it literally is a Drag Race Maxi challenge, but the issues explored are very relevant to today’s political climate. ‘everything else is bad’ etc. A quick reminder of that Drag Race is such a beacon of mainstream queer culture.
  • the production value Drag Race Russical is crazy. Probably better funded than the entire first seven seasons of the show combined.
  • Luckily for the production, no one flops mega hard, meaning they can do as much Rigor Morris as they want and put whoever they want in the ground; so it will. Salina (success record) and Loosey or Luxx (because of the role fight).
  • Final Rusical Thoughts: Very, very good, even though Eureka O’Hara didn’t star as North West Kardashian.
  • The runway theme is ‘Everybody Say Glove!’ – and Luxx is certainly wearing casts instead of gloves, WITH ONE OF MISTRESS’ DESTINY’S CHILD PUPPET’S WIGS. Pulling is so much fun.
  • Loooooove Salina’s look! Big old hands.
  • Sashina Colbina – these are not gloves. But you can because you’re Sasha Colby.
  • Ross is right – that Drag Race There really was something rustic. If this season didn’t have one dumb big cast, they might have a top 2 lip sync rather than a bottom 2.
  • Why is Luxx stirring the pot out here and why isn’t Loosey clapping back? Luxx, you only had the role at first because Loosey gave you the chance You? Illusion!
  • Ok, so nobody has bad Criticism? Maybe we’ll get a top 2 lip sync?
  • Loosey says Salina – that’s dodgy. As Salina says why not She says Mistress or Luxx after Salina helps her through rehearsals.
  • Anetra also says Salina – hard to take but valid argument.
  • Mistress says she is “tired of being at the Sasha Colby Meet and Greet” – funny and also a safe bet as there is no way Ms Colby is going home.
  • If I was Loosey I would have been full King Kong by now. I’m talking about lights breaking, hitting my chest and screaming.
  • Salina lashes out at Loosey and Anetra – but those gloves are so funny I can’t remember what she said.
  • Sasha said: “Ah! You asked for one, but Mama has two names for you!’ Loosey and Luxx because they both had two wins.
  • Anetra wins the challenge! Walk that DUCK.
  • Sorry, these are the bottom two of Loosey and Salina wild? They both got such good reviews! Consider me confused, confused and mystified.
  • A lip sync of Kate Bush!!! Give the producer a raise.
  • Hearing Mistress say, “Come on Salina, eat her up, b***h”, mid-lip sync is insane. My jaw dropped to the floor.
  • Hear. Salina won this lip sync, but there was no way she could have stayed.
  • Loosey will definitely go next. I also just want to remind everyone that a few episodes ago I literally called the elimination order to this point, with Loosey taking one final devastating blow to her psyche before the finale.
  • Interesting that Mistress now has the fewest wins in the group!

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