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4 highly sustainable eco-lodges in Namibia

Are you planning a trip to Africa? If you travel to Namibia, make it sustainable by staying in these eco-lodges!

By Sean O’Connor

According to recent research, Africa has one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the world. Visitors come here mainly in search of a luxurious safari holiday.

However, as more and more tourists flock to the continent, sustainability is becoming an issue. How can these nations attract tourists while minimizing their impact on wildlife, natural resources and local communities?

Luckily, one country leads the way when it comes to sustainable Africa travel: Namibia. The country of the extensive desert landscapes, striking coasts and spectacular national parks is a real pioneer. It is the first African country to include the sustainable management of its natural resources in its constitution.

Namibia recognized that it needed to make some concerted efforts to protect its precious resources. Today, government, the private sector and local communities work together to protect the ecological resources here.

With this vision in mind, sustainable tourism and local initiatives are now commonplace. These initiatives have helped conserve endangered wildlife and land. In addition, they ensure that local livelihoods are protected and even improved.

So if you’re considering a trip to Namibia, check out some of the country’s most popular eco-friendly hotels below!

From remote desert lodges to luxurious hideaways, the following eco-lodges in Namibia proudly champion it travel sustainably.

4 sustainable lodges to stay in Namibia

Sustainable eco-lodges in Namibia

Committing to sustainable tourism ideals does not mean compromising on luxury. And nowhere does this statement ring truer than at Damaraland Camp.

Nestled in the heart of the Torra Conservancy in North West Namibia, Damaraland Camp is surrounded by some of the most dramatic and breathtaking scenery in Southern Africa. Due to its remote location, many visitors come to the camp. This allows for more rest and reflection. Especially beautiful under the starry sky!

After a quick scan of the arid landscape, one might think that nothing ever grows here. That’s the beauty of Namibia, though: Expect the unexpected. Look closely and you’ll find an abundance of desert-adapted animals and plants that absolutely thrive.

The camp caters to the needs of the luxury safari traveler and features ten stunning adobe style chalets. Each of them is equipped with a range of modern conveniences. These include free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee makers, and hairdryers.

Do you feel the desert heat? Guests can take a dip in the huge sparkling swimming pool during their stay. In addition, they enjoy the first-class cuisine in the magnificent dining room. But that’s not even the best part. Get this: Guides here can take you to elephant families living in the desert!

Since the camp’s inception in 1996, it has been instrumental in promoting ecological values ​​and supporting both education and conservation in the area. In fact, all of this work culminated in a Sustainable Travel Award in 2017.

One of the best eco-lodges in Namibia for: Eat! The full English or vegetarian breakfast here is famous.

Sustainable eco-lodges in Namibia

namibian elephant

Set against a stunning backdrop of rocky mountains lies Desert Homestead. This eco-lodge blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings of grassy plains and sweeping sand dunes.

Guests will find accommodations with natural linens, stylish wooden furniture, and large windows. And of course views of endless desert landscapes! Other features guests love include: a cozy library, a well-stocked bar, a spacious lounge and a refreshing pool. The staff at Desert Homestead is super professional and friendly. You can be sure that they will do everything to make your stay very special.

Location wise, Desert Homestead is in the Namiba Tsaris Conservancy. It is bordered by a 150,000 hectare private reserve Namibian Rand in the West. Wondering what to do? Try a trip to the famous Sossusvlei. There, visitors can photograph some of the largest sand dunes in the world. Hot air balloon rides and sunset game drives are other popular activities.

In line with the lodge’s commitment to sustainable tourism, all facilities are solar powered. In addition to producing its own electricity, Desert Homestead ensures that all of the produce it serves is sourced from nearby farms. This helps support local communities.

But there is more! All profits generated by the lodge are invested in the preservation of the Ondili Nature Reserve. That means by staying here you are essentially promoting the survival of the local flora and fauna.

One of the best eco-lodges in Namibia for: Observe wildlife. You’ll likely see everything from lions to gerbils! You can also create your own safari tour.

Sustainable eco-lodges in Namibia

Sustainable eco-lodges in Namibia

Located near the magical Kunene River, Serra Cafema Camp is widely regarded as one of the best places to stay during a Luxury Namibia Safari. A magical oasis at the Marien River Conservancy, guests can escape reality, indulge every whim of luxury and experience life-changing excursions.

Guests stay in one of ten canvas and thatch villas. Each has a large private lounge, plush beds and intimate viewing decks with sun loungers. The privacy here makes it the perfect place for a honeymoon!

Bush walks, relaxing boat trips and sunset cruises give you a taste of some of the incredible activities on offer. Uniquely, Serra Cafema is also one of the few camps that offer guests the opportunity to engage with the semi-nomadic Himba tribe.

To emphasize their commitment to sustainable initiatives, the camp runs on a hybrid energy system. The camp is considered highly sustainable and travel-friendly due to Serra Cafema’s work to support the local Himba people, as well as their tireless efforts to protect wildlife.

One of the best eco-lodges in Namibia for: Luxury accommodation, Getting to know the local culture

Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is vast and desolate. It is also famous for the ships that perished attempting to charter treacherous stretches of the Atlantic. As a tribute to these stricken ships, the magnificent Shipwreck Lodge comprises ten enchanting chalets. Each features a design clearly inspired by fallen ships.

All chalets have a luxurious private bathroom and a viewing platform. Rooms also have wood-burning stoves, which comes in handy as the Skeleton Coast region regularly experiences cooler temperatures. In the common area, visitors can socialize at the charming bar and enjoy fine dining in the lodge’s dining room.

The more adventurous can go sand boarding or hot air ballooning and of course safaris are available. At Cape Cross, guests will marvel at the sight of over 200,000 Cape fur seals.

One of the best eco-lodges in Namibia for: Strong sustainability efforts. In fact, the shipwreck received those Green flower environmental award in recognition of their waste management, savings and energy practices.

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