Gimmighoul and Gholdengo, two creatures from the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, were revealed just ahead of the titles’ launch, confirming that they’ll be joining Pokemon GO’s roster just in time for the big release. After these two put their stamp on the mobile title, many players have thought of other monsters from the Paldea region that they would like to see in the mobile spin-off.

Niantic is known for its constant stream of new content that it adds to Pokemon GO to keep its engaged audience coming back for more. As such, the concept of bringing new creatures to the mobile game is never off the table. For example, the spin-off’s latest addition, Kleavor, was only added yesterday at the time of writing.

As the Paldea region grows more comfortable in the hearts of main series fans, it may be time to look to the mobile game to see what the natural next step is for the ever-growing roster. So what are some great Paldean creatures that fans would love to see in Pokemon GO?

3 Paldean Pokémon families that should be coming to Pokemon GO

1) Paldea’s starter Pokémon

An official screenshot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

It doesn’t feel right to include other creatures from a region without first rolling out the starters. As veteran players know, every title playthrough begins with trainers choosing their first starter Pokémon, and Pokémon GO is no different. Since region starters contribute as much to a generation’s identity as the region itself, it seems only right to start with the three starter Pokémon.

Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito were some of the most satisfying starter designs players have seen from the franchise in quite some time. Giving away these cute creatures to mark the debut of the Paldean monsters seems like the best way to introduce the next generation of designs.

2) The treasures of the ruins

Wo-Chien’s official Pokedex entry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Similar to Alola, Paldea is home to a quartet of legendary Pokemon. Similar to the season of Alola bringing these four new monsters, a similar season of ruin could bring Wo-Chien, Chi-Yu, Ting-Lu, Chien-Pao, Paldea’s Treasures of Ruin.

As it remains among the franchise’s most mysterious legendaries to date, it would be interesting to give Pokemon GO a glimpse into its own history. As powerful as these creatures are in their respective titles, they could present an urgent challenge and make for great raid bosses.

3) Charcadet, Armarouge and Ceruledge

An official screenshot of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

This family of creatures has established itself as one of the finest in the Paldea region. Therefore, the addition of these three special creatures could breathe new life into Pokemon GO’s stagnant and depressing metagame. Ever since they were revealed in one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s adventures, players have already been determined to add them to their team.

As some of the best-designed Firetypes the franchise has seen in a long time, players fell in love with the family, with many players reportedly sporting one on their team throughout their playthrough. As such, a revelation that these creatures are coming to Pokemon GO will surely cause some well-deserved hype.

With the Ultra and Great League metagame filled to the brim with Steel-types for these games, the introduction of Armarouge in particular could really spice up Pokemon GO’s competitive scene. Thanks to his slightly more defensive stat distribution, it’s predictable that Armarouge would do very well in the fight scene.


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