Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending an evening at the theater to see one of us potter Favorites appear in his latest project. Tom Felton stars as Sam 2:22 A ghost story, as previously announced by MuggleNet, and wow, did his performance shine despite the play’s dark subject matter.

2:22 A ghost story is a play written by Danny Robins and revolves around Jenny, Sam and their daughter Phoebe. Sam was on a trip and Jenny was left alone in her new home. Every night at (you guessed it) 2:22 am, while she was alone, she experienced some strange things. When Sam gets home, his skepticism leads him and Jenny and their two friends to say by 2:22 so Sam can see for himself.

This piece felt like a horror movie, but it was hilarious in a laugh-out-loud way. I’m not a fan of horror or suspense, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everything worked together to create an environment filled to the brim with excitement. The stage design immediately created an uncomfortable feeling with high ceilings and a lot of empty space. It didn’t help that the skylights built into the set always gave the impression that someone was watching. Maybe they were.

Set design for 2:22 A Ghost Stor

I thought it would be hard for me to see Tom Felton as anyone else because in my mind he was always Draco Malfoy. But he embodied the role of Sam perfectly. I know he got some advice from former Potter co-stars. The entire cast, which included Mandip Gill (Yaz from Doctor Who), worked seamlessly together. I felt like I was looking into a real group of friends spending the night together. There were moments of inside jokes and laughter and moments of real problems and arguments. Everything felt very natural, which I don’t see in many pieces. Even the moments of unspoken words still conveyed a lot of meaning. What was most impressive was how believable it was. You enter the theater a skeptic, but when you leave you are a believer.

I could go on and on endlessly raving about this piece. I didn’t research beforehand because I wanted to be surprised and I recommend this to anyone who can see it. It really is one of the best plays I’ve seen in a long time. Games are hard! There are no musical numbers to spice things up; You have to rely on acting alone. Tom and the whole cast sold me the show in the first five minutes. It’s a lot to wear and they’ve done very well.

If you have the opportunity to see 2:22 A ghost story, I strongly encourage you to do so. Even if you don’t like ghost stories (like me), you’ll find that it really isn’t just about a haunted house. It’s about so much more. It’s about believing.

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