The number of days left until the Adopt Me Fall update release date and time is almost up and a list of new pets and weather 2022 has been released

We take a look at all the information available about the game, including release date and features.

According to sources, it became known that new creatures will be added to the game. Information about the type of weather that will appear in the well-known Roblox game has also been revealed, although no new codes have been released for the upcoming event. Adopt Me players can prepare for the upcoming Fall Update and everything that comes with it after the release date has been determined.

Adopt Me Fall Update Release Date, Time, Countdown, New Pets, Weather Details 2022

Adopt Me Fall Update Release date, price and how to play?

The Adopt Me Fall Update will be made available on August 11th at 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET / 4:00pm BST, according to the release date and time countdown. The announcement was made on the game’s official website, which also features a countdown clock showing when the new patch will be available. Also, details have been revealed about the pets, weather, and furniture packs that will be included in the upcoming version of the game.

There are still a few notable stars on the pet list for this week’s Adopt Me update, although it’s smaller than lists for previous egg events in 2022. Adopt Me will be adding a $700 badger on August 11th, and it will also be a means for the player to add a pheasant to their collection. Players who purchase the Gold Wheat Stalk for 199 Robux can unlock one of three variants.

Adopt Me Game Official announcement and new products available in the in-game shop

The Adopt Me team has issued a warning that some of the upcoming new content will only be available at certain times and players will need to check the board to know when the fall weather will arrive in-game. A brand new furniture set will be added to the game this week, allowing players to create brand new Steampunk creations.

Along with the additional stuff mentioned above, these new decoration items will also be released. Many of the brand new products can be found in the in-game Fall Shop, opening this week on Adoption Island. Russell the Badger will be there selling new toys, cars and decorations to anyone looking for something new.

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