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11 Best Xbox One City Building Games You Should Play

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City building games are one of the favorite genres of fans around the world. And if you have an Xbox One, you have a choice of which ones to join.

#11 Tropical 5

The Tropico series of games is in some ways a tongue-in-cheek nod to the city-building genre. Because in the titles you don’t play the ruthless leader of a free nation or a rising civilization just trying to assert itself in the world. No, you play as El Presidente, a dictator who uses all sorts of methods to get what he wants. And what he wants is “the best place on earth”…that he can control.

So you will set to work to complete the dream and you can even steal and do other things to get what you need to complete it.

#10 Aven Colony

There are many games out there that ask you to watch over the earth as it forms a colony in places like Mars. But in Aven Colony, they’re on a slightly larger scale. Because here you will establish a colony on the planet called Aven Prime. A place that is the first colony outside of our solar system.

You will be responsible for the people there being able to survive at all, because there are things on this planet that do not even come close to what we have on earth.

There are also mysteries on this planet that you must deal with as you grow and expand. Will you make it possible for humanity to survive regardless of the planet?

#9 Tropico 6

Yes, El Presidente is back! The Tropico series is actually a bit bigger than you probably thought, but fear not, we’ll explain the difference between these two titles.

The biggest thing is that in Tropico 6 you can try to create your “new world” on an archipelago of islands. Why is that important? Simply put, you can build things on multiple islands at once, a first for the series. And that means you can build your “dream paradise” much faster.

Oh, and if you learn about a landmark or item that another nation has…? You can steal it and take it to your islands. Stealing is only if you get caught!

#8 Prison Architect

Prison Architect is not a game where you build a city, it’s a game where you build a place that you don’t want certain people to ever escape from. Doesn’t that sound funny!?

In the game, you actually become the warden of a prison, tasked with designing the structure to be both functional and keep the inmates in line. You might think this is an easy thing to do, but you need to have a balance for things to go smoothly. Make things too loose and prisoners can easily escape. Keep things too tight and they will rampage and cause problems.

You can also challenge other players by seeing if their prison constructions are up to par!

#7 Two Point Campus

The Two Point franchise has a lot of fun letting people build unique twists on standard things. And Two Point Campus will be a game that does it all over again when it comes out. In the game you are responsible for building a new university. As with the previous games, you have to do it in a good and efficient way that doesn’t exceed your budget… and of course, have fun while doing it.

But the twist in the game is that while the building will be very standard, the courses at this university are anything but. You can have your students “learn” all sorts of skills that aren’t necessarily relevant in today’s world… yet.

So yes, go crazy and do the college you always wanted to go to.

#6 Kingdom of the Air

Look at the sky boys, look at the sky…

Because if you do, you might get a taste of what’s to come via Airborne Kingdom. In this unique game you build a kingdom not on the ground but in the sky. You start small until you can build some really awesome aerial constructs that your people will live on.

But this is not the end of your journey, just the beginning. Because at some point you will want to expand, and then you will meet some of the people who live below you across the terrestrial kingdoms.

Each playthrough in Airborne Kingdom will be different due to the procedurally generated maps you are on. So see how different you can make each run.

#5 Islanders


Islanders is arguably a simpler and more minimalist take on the city-builder genre, but that’s not exactly a bad thing, to be clear. In the title, you are placed on one of an infinite number of procedurally generated islands. Your job is simple, build on it and see how great things you can do.

Then if you want a new challenge, just go to another island. Everyone is different in terms of shape and terrain, so you’ll need to adapt each time to see how creative you can get with your building.

The team behind Islanders put a lot into this game, so give it a try and see where it takes you.

#4 Civilization VI

It could be argued that on a “big scale” Civilization VI is the best city builder ever, mostly because you will build MANY cities more than once over the course of your empire. In addition, Civilization VI has reworked the city building and the representation of the districts it contains, so you can make each city special and functional in every way.

And since you’re playing as one of history’s greatest leaders, you’re naturally free to take things in different directions as you work toward your personal quest for world domination…or world peace.

In short, you will definitely want to try Civilization VI.

#3 Frostpunk

We’re putting Frostpunk pretty high on this list because it’s a high-concept city builder title, as it’s not just about the city, it’s about how you make the city function, survive, and its inhabitants favor .

You see, in the post-apocalyptic world of Frostpunk you find yourself in a land where heat is the most important resource. Thou shalt build mankind’s last city in a hot spot and must build a city around its heat and power.

However, as you expand is where things get difficult. Do you keep making big extensions and consuming your resources? Or are you playing conservative to keep your people alive? Get in and find out.

#2 Minecraft

While not technically a city builder, in Minecraft people went to extreme lengths to build…well…whatever they wanted. And it shows… a lot.

Seriously, Minecraft is the game where you can do whatever they intended for you, or you can just start screwing up and wondering how big and awesome you can make it. Statues, replica spaceships, whole damn castles from a Final Fantasy title, they’re all here, and yes, you can add something.

While we’re not sure if an entire CITY in Minecraft was built by players, we definitely wouldn’t put our trust in them. And if not yet? Then you can be the first.

#1 City skylines

If you want to take part in some city building games, no doubt you must play Cities Skylines. Seriously, you have to do this, it’s the best thing there is.

You can build your city in the grandest but also most realistic way as you have to make sure your city meets certain standards and codes to keep it functional and healthy.

Then when you’re done with your “great building” you can participate in the different DLC packs and see what unique scenarios you can try to succeed in.

All in all, this game is one of the best ever, so be sure to give it a try.

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