10 video games that deserve their own Netflix series

With HBO The last of us coming soon (January 15, 2023), it seems almost any video game can be made into an alternative medium. During Naughty Dog’s The last of us is one of the best games of all time, it is also one of the most narrative and best told stories in video games. If a show can be made out of this, why not others?

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Not everyone plays games and unfortunately for those people there are many unique stories and ways to tell them that are locked into this platform. Often they would not work if told in another medium. They have to be felt and controlled by the player. For the most part though, beloved games would make a great show. You just have to have the right person at the helm – like Netflix’s The Witcher and Cyberpunk: Edgerunnerwhich captured the essential aspects of the games on which they were based.


“Bioshock” (2007)

Bioshock movie

While his biggest fans might resist this pick as it is enough to play the game is the world of bioshock just begging for a TV series that delves into her story. A spooky and dark, but also magical and confusing place, this retro-futuristic first-person shooter is one of the best games with the most fantastic settings ever made.

Despite its crisp gameplay and unique flavors, like the ability to wield magical powers in one hand and a weapon in the other, it’s the world, story, and story behind it bioshock that stands out. No matter what location or time the show is set, anything in the world bioshock done right would be great.

‘Dead Space’ (2008)

Dead Space Isaac Remake Social Featured
Image via Motive Studios

Everyone loves horror. Even those who don’t like it love to sit with their hands over their eyes and be amazed by the scary content on screen. There aren’t too many video games that excel at horror better than 2008’s Empty room.

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In the future where humans can travel through space and colonize planets, a ship becomes unresponsive after reporting a strange discovery. Isaac Clarke, the main character, goes to fix the ship only to find the crew on board dead and infected. Dark, tense and scary when done right, a Empty room Show could sit at the top of the pile.

‘Supervision’ (2016)

over watch

Every fan of the game who watched the animated shorts wants more animated shorts. A show based on the world of over watchin the exact same style as the shorts Blizzard previously released would be amazing.

A world of scientific gorillas, feuding brothers, time travel and the endless struggle between good and evil. over watch is the perfect theme for a fun and colorful TV series. Even the few lines of voice spoken by the characters before the games begin are enough to leave fans wanting more. Whether it was the omnic crisis that turned robots against humanity, the collapse of the heroic force that saved the world, or the battles since, there’s so much for a show to dig into.

Hotline Miami (2012)

Hotline Miami

Imagine: all the wildness, color and violence of Hotline Miamiwith some additional style, character development and story similar to the masterpiece The nice guysabout a 6 to 10 episode series – say that doesn’t sound great.

A 2012 top-down shooter developed by Dennaton Games and published by Devolver Digital follows an unnamed man who receives encrypted messages urging him to massacre local criminals. That alone can’t be a show, but a few tweaks here and there to the story and its characters while keeping the heart of the game (violence, color, and humor) would be great.

‘LA Noire’ (2011)

LA Noire

Everyone loves a classic gripping crime thriller. The crime thriller from Rockstar Games from 2011 LA Noire may be a bit early for its time, but a quality TV show adaptation would be the perfect addition to the seemingly hundreds of series that are being made. LA Noire allowed players to become 1940s Los Angeles detective Cole Phelps as he solves crimes and rises in the ranks of the LAPD.

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Despite the beautiful graphics, cool gameplay and intriguing story, it was the technology of the consoles in 2011 that let the game down. The game required players to read the facial expressions of witnesses and suspects, which proved nearly impossible. Regardless, a well acted and produced miniseries that maintains the style of the game would be a must.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Series (2002-2013)

It seems fans won’t be seeing Sam Fisher in a game any time soon. So why not turn the story around splinter group series into a Netflix drama? A highly skilled black ops agent who stealthily takes out bad guys with night vision goggles and silenced weapons in dark, spooky and suspenseful environments. What’s not to like?

First released in 2002, there were a total of seven games in the series, with the latest, Blacklist, which will be released in 2013. No matter which game is chosen as the basis of the show, as long as they properly portray the character of Sam Fisher and his goggles, only badass camouflage and secret agent cool count. With a rumored remake on the horizon, now is the perfect time for an adaptation.

“Wolfstone” (2009)


The simplicity of what if has spawned some of the best fictional stories of all time. There’s a reason Marvel did a whole series about what would be the outcome if things went differently in the movies. It’s interesting to look back and think about how things turned out differently.

The ‘what if’ that Wolfstein “What if the Nazis had incredibly powerful weapons during WWII?”. The answer is that fans need a Nazi hunt protagonist to go in and figure out how they did it and then use that technology to win the war. Any fan would want to see that.

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

Image via Lucasfilm

Knights of the Old Republicor KOTOR as it is now known after almost two decades of praise, everything people love about the world of war of stars, without anything they hate. That means it has nothing to do with the bad movies, whatever the viewers think they are. Taking place thousands of years before George Lucas A new hope and its companion Galactic Empire, KOTOR follows a lone Jedi as he travels the galaxy as he tries to find and defeat Darth Malek.

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One problem with a potential Netflix show would be the game’s reliance on player choice. There are two completely different endings depending on which path the player chooses. However, with the right person at the helm, this could be a strength of the show rather than a weakness. Featuring some of the coolest characters and stories in the world war of stars has seen, Knights of the Old Republic screams for more attention.

‘The Escape’ (2002)

the escape

taking place within a day The escape follows Mark Hammond, a former bank robber, and Frank Carter, a London detective. A show could go both ways or even paint both perspectives.

It could get crowded Guy Richie and offer a comedy and brutality similar the gentlemanor go a more serious route and offer a product more akin to the first season True detective. Whatever the case, fast-paced cop and crime dramas always make a fun watch.

“Duke Nukem” (1991)

Duke Nukem Social introduced
Image via Apogee Software

“Damn, those alien bastards will pay to shoot up my craft” – one of many great and wild quotes from the Duke Nukem Series is everything the audience needs to know about the game and why it would be great to watch. It would probably be best as an animated show Cyberpunk: Edgerunnerto save viewers from bad acting and too low a budget.

In the near future, the world was taken over by aliens. It is up to Duke Nukem, the brazen 90’s action hero to save the world by killing it. Entertaining, action-packed and generally intensely animated in a funny way Duke Nukem Show could be amazing.

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