As anime has become one of the fastest growing forces in film, streaming services have tried to do their part in attracting fans of the genre to their platforms. HBO Max‘s acquisition of the streaming rights for most Studio Ghibli‘s films were huge when they came out, and Hi has replenished its library with some iconic anime series. Netflixhowever, has been at the forefront of providing premium anime content as they have produced many original anime TV series as well as major adaptations such as Castlevania and Pacific Rim: The Black.

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Netflix has become a haven for anime fans that they flock to and most importantly they have done a great job in building a remarkable lineup of anime films. With a slew of strong original anime films, some of which have been big contenders for awards, Netflix has many great films for anime fans to watch.

Okko’s Inn (2018)

Kitaro KosakaThe movie of 2018 Okko’s Innbased on Hiroko Reijo‘s eponymous children’s book series is an unmissable film that will dazzle your eyes with stunning animation and touches your heart with its mature themes.

The film follows Okko, a young girl living at her grandmother’s inn after her parents are killed in a car accident, and begins speaking to the spirits that live in the inn. Okko’s Inn is full of visual charm and contains many strong emotions that combine with Okko’s personal handling of grief and lead to meaningful conclusions.


bladder (2022)

If you have ever wished for a real parkour anime, attack on Titan animation studio Wit Studios’ latest movie bladder has provided you with mesmerizing parkour action taking place in a beautiful fantastic movie.

The graphics for a group of survivors racing through the ruins of Tokyo after an apocalyptic event is absolutely thrilling bladder‘s action-packed sequences and strong fantasy visuals make for an amazing viewing experience.

Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)

HBO Max may have gotten it all Hayao Miyazaki‘s Studio Ghibli films, but Netflix snagged his directorial debut as he created an icon Lupine III adventure with The Castle of Cagliostro.

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Castle of Cagliostro is one of Lupine III’s greatest adventures to date, in which the gentleman thief tries to save a princess from a power-hungry count. The film’s legacy makes it worthy of a watch of its own as it most likely inspired Indiana Jones and has been honored in countless films. You can’t go wrong with a either Lupine III Adventure because they are always a great time.

A silent voice (2016)

While it’s not as action-packed or highly fantastic as other entries on this list, Naoko YamadaThe 2016 movie A silent voice is an immensely emotional ride.

The film is a coming-of-age drama that follows a bully-turned-social misfit trying to reconnect with the deaf classmate he used to bully. A silent voice is a deeply emotional watch with a character-driven story that tugs and tears your heart.

Humble Heroes (2018)

Studio Ponoccreated by former Studio Ghibli alumni, offers imaginative and heartwarming stories through its collection of short films titled Not One, Not Two, But Three Humble Heroes.

Through a few stories about a pair of siblings trying to survive in a fantastical forest world, a mother taking care of her son, and an invisible man seeking an opportunity to be seen, Studio Ponoc delivered three stories that are distinctly are animated and rich in fulfillment.

Words fizz like soda pop (2021)

Looking for a little slice of life anime rom com? If so, then you absolutely must stop by Kyohei IshiguroThe movie of 2021 Words fizz like soda pop is your thing.

The film immerses viewers in a summertime romance that blossoms between two shy teenagers after an unexpected encounter at the local mall. It’s an experience that’s uniquely animated, will warm your heart slightly, and give you the kind of quirky rom-com vibes that everyone wants every now and then.

Fireworks (2017)

Akiyuki Shinbo and Nobuyuki TakeuchiThe movie of 2017 Fireworks is the kind of coming-of-age romance that anime fans are always looking for.

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A beautifully animated romantic fateful story that follows two college students who spark a connection during their city’s famous fireworks display, the film contains some heartwarming character moments and amazing music fans that will no doubt rejoice.

children of the sea (2019)

Aquatic fantasy and stylistic animation collide Ayumu WatanabeThe movie of 2019 children of the sea which makes for a visual feast and an intriguing fantasy story.

The film explores a deep connection between humans and nature as it follows a young girl named Ruka who becomes intrigued by two brothers who are said to have been raised by dugongs. Equally thought-provoking and philosophical as it is charming, it will blow your mind with its visuals.

A mustache removed (2020)

Successful animation studios Toho and Studio Coloridowho animated the “Tatooine Rhapsody” episode of Star Wars: Visionscome together for A mustache removeda fantasy coming-of-age adventure full of heartfelt charm.

A mustache removed follows a young girl named Miyo who magically transforms into a cat to impress a crush of hers, but gets into trouble when the lines between human and animal begin to blur. It’s the kind of movie that instantly warms your heart and keeps you smiling every time you watch it.

Mirai (2018)

Mamoru Hosoda‘s 2018 Oscar-nominated film Mirai is a deeply personal time travel adventure that needs to be on every anime fan’s watch list.

Frustrated with living with a newborn sister, a young boy named Kun discovers a time gate in the form of a garden that allows him to advance in time to meet an older version of his sister and gain a new perspective on life. Mirai is hilarious, heartwarming and insightful and will easily become one of Hosoda’s best films.

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