Minecraft is a game that can be incredibly fun in multiplayer. However, similar to single-player gameplay, the experience can be made even more enjoyable through the use of mods. This enables many different features on multiplayer servers, including custom mobs, new game modes, player-specific commands, and more.

Mods are an integral part of the Minecraft community, and many of the most popular Minecraft servers owe their success to the mods they offer. Some fans might prefer a simpler experience, but the massive amount of mods ensures that multiple servers stand out as unique in a sea of ​​options.

If Minecraft fans are new to modded servers and aren’t sure which ones to try, there are more than a few notable options that might pique their interest.

Modded Minecraft servers bringing fun experiences in 2023

1) Hypixel

Few server lists would be complete without Hypixel, Minecraft’s gold standard for servers. Thanks to a variety of mods, players can enjoy over a dozen mini-games and several different game modes, including the hugely popular Hypixel Skyblock mode.

Thousands of players log into Hypixel every day, so there shouldn’t be a shortage of other fans to enjoy the game with. However, if players aren’t fans of heavily populated servers, Hypixel might not be their ideal landing spot.

2) Mine landscape

For a big dose of MMORPG fun, Minecraft players might want to check out Minescape. Thanks to a collection of high-quality mods, this server combines the gameplay of the world’s most popular sandbox game with the long-running MMORPG Runescape.

Players can complete quests, gain experience in various skills, take on tough bosses, and fight with blade, bow, and magic. Runescape fans should get a real kick out of this server, but players unfamiliar with MMO mechanics might not consider Minescape their favorite.

3) PixelmonCraft

It’s no secret that Pixelmon is one of the most popular Minecraft mods available, as it brings the best aspects of the Pokemon franchise into the game.

PixelmonCraft is a server for all things Pixelmon dedicated, so much so that it even has its own launcher if players don’t want to use the default Mojang and Microsoft option. In addition to building and crafting through the richly designed world, players can catch, train, and battle a massive collection of Pokémon, with more being added to the server all the time.

4) The Mining Dead

Zombie survival mods are some of the most used in the Minecraft community today, and The Mining Dead uses many of them to create an unforgettable survival experience.

On this server, players must go it alone or team up with friends to survive hordes of ravenous undead. Luckily, they have access to tons of custom-made weapons and armor to eke out an existence in this desolate, virus-ravaged world, but the zombies aren’t the only problem. Enemy players are even deadlier than the shambling hordes, and players must reckon with both to stay alive.

5) MC ball

If Minecraft fans enjoy a little shooter action, MCBall is certainly a modded server worth checking out. This server uses mods to create a paintball themed experience complete with paintball guns and even paint grenades.

MCBall also offers many different game modes that first-person shooter fans will be familiar with, including Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and even a custom-made Zombies mode. There are loads of weapons and gadgets to choose from, allowing fans to customize their gear to ensure their success.

6) Grand Theft mine cart

Grand Theft Auto Online has been a hit for years, and the Grand Theft Minecart server brings its chaotic gameplay to Minecraft.

Players are dropped in the middle of a massive map, complete with all the tools they need to collect money and dominate. This includes vehicles, cannons and melee weapons, as well as plenty of explosives and other devices.

However, you have to be careful because the climb to the top is chaotic and other players will start shooting at you once they start accumulating money. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Grand Theft Minecart, but it’s an incredibly entertaining one.

7) Vortex Network

Complete with a beautiful cosmic theme, Vortex Network features a collection of various modded game modes that are well worth a Minecraft player’s time. This includes multiple custom prison worlds as well as modified skyblock.

The server will peak at over a thousand players at a time, so fans should find many allies and opponents as they make their way through the Vortex Network. If Minecraft players love space or custom spins in classic game modes, this server could be a great landing spot.

8) Craft Naruto

While it might not be the biggest server out there, BCraft Naruto is immensely detailed and uses many mods to bring the world of Naruto to life.

On this server, fans can join as a rookie ninja in one of the Hidden Villages of Shonen Jump’s popular ninja manga/anime. They develop their jutsus and combat skills, take on quests, and rise through the ranks to become more powerful. Players can even specialize in different career fields, including becoming a medical ninja or joining the Anbu Black Ops.

9) Brawl

With mods built entirely from the ground up by the development team, Brawl may be one of the most unique Minecraft servers available. It offers many fun game modes like Capture the Flag and Creative Build, but the biggest attraction of the server is undoubtedly the Party Deluxe game mode.

This mode lovingly recreates the maps and gameplay of Mario Party in Minecraft and can be a highly entertaining experience with both new players and friends. During downtime between Party Deluxe sessions, Minecraft players can also engage in zombie survival gameplay with the specially designed WarZ mode.

10) Dirtcraft

If Minecraft players are fans of modpacks, especially those associated with the Feed The Best community, then Dirtcraft is by far one of the best servers to check out. Complete with its own custom launcher, Dirtcraft features FTB gameplay via modpacks like Sky Factory, Continuum, Ultimate Reloaded, Pixelmon Reforged, Direwolf, Stoneblock, Oceanblock and more.

This network has over a dozen different modded experiences to undertake, and all of them can be accessed from the launcher or directly from different IP addresses. If Minecraft fans are looking for modified gameplay with lots of variety, Dirtcraft is incredibly hard to beat.

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