Hello everyone. I’m back in your inbox this morning with your new copy of the boulders daily. Let’s start this Friday off right with a quick recap of the most important things happening in the city. Today we cover those stories and more…

  • Meet the new CEO of Boulder Shelter for the Homeless, Gregory Morris.
  • Boulders considered Allow e-bikes Access to open space trails.
  • Colorado’s Plan to shut down all coal-fired power plants by 2030 might be too ambitious.

The weather on Friday: Mostly sunny and warmer. High: 79 Low: 51.

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Here are today’s top stories in Boulder:

  1. Boulder Shelter for the Homeless has a new CEO. BSH will welcome a new manager at the beginning of October. Greg Morris will take over the management of the homeless shelter from Spencer Downing, who served as interim manager last October. (BizWest)
  2. Boulder considering how to provide access for e-bikes on open trails. boulders Open Space and Mountain Parks received over 2,300 responses to a survey about trail access for e-bike riders this summer. You can find out more about the process here: (boulder)
  3. The South Boulder Recreation Center is getting a new gym floor. Last year a cauldron exploded and flooded the gym. Now Boulder Parks and Recreation is busy repairing the ramshackle South Boulder building with a new gym floor and fixing the leaking swimming pool. (boulder)
  4. Colorado’s clean energy transition program is at a crossroads. Last August, the Colorado Public Utilities Commission announced shutdown deadlines for all remaining coal plants, but challenges remain to meet aggressive 2030 targets. (Daily Guardian)
  5. Another round of TABOR refunds likely next spring. As Colorado’s economy has recovered from the pandemic, it has collected more taxes. Under the state’s Bill of Rights for taxpayers, it must return the money to taxpayers if revenues exceed prescribed spending limits. Refunds, based on your income, can range from $160 to about $600. (CPR)

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  • The Spoke on Coffman’s grand opening. Boulder County Housing and Human Services celebrated the opening of 73 new affordable homes in downtown Longmont on Monday, September 19. (BOCO)
  • 8th Annual Bee Boulder Festival. Stroll through pollinator gardens, learn how you can take climate action, and connect with community organizations working to heal our landscape and save bees. This event is free. September 24, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m in Central Park (Boulder)
  • Do you have to register to vote in Colorado? Here is a link to all the details so you can complete your registration in time to vote this November. (CO Sun)

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